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Career weighed down

Still suffering from some sort of drag on my career success.

This is a log of career task attempts. It is to measure whether my feeling is accurate, that some, as yet unobserved, factor is biasing my task outcomes. [note, need to check well-fed effect]

Only task seqs that start with 100% stat, rested for ~10 segments, only move is to jobsite. Will record level and career % occasionally. Education "currently taking 2nd career class".


baseline stats 207.23/75

  • L6.43,4% c3.8,8% str.avg agi.avg sta.high int.high soc.exc


  • 23/75 - mkt.sta.normal.succ .int.norm.succ f.92% port.soc.easy.succ.x2 f.84% f.79% c.10.5% l.43.9%

[so much for my feeling of drag, this was the best run of successes since I had VIP and was consuming rations during tier 1.]

  • 24/2 - port.soc.easy.succ .norm.succ mkt.sta.easy.succ.x2 f.82% c.12,4% l.44,4%

  • 24/16 - mkt.sta.easy.succ brig f.77% c.11,7% l.44,5%

[There's that feeling of unfairness] note, sta.vhigh now

  • 24/62 - c.11,5% port.soc.easy.succ c.12% ibid.succ c.12,6% c.12,4% l.44,7%

  • 25/67 - side.wreckitiwo.succ l.45,7% f.70+ sta.80+ c.12,1%


  • 25/88 - side.sta.dockload.succ l.47,3%

  • 26/1 - mkt.sta.easy.succ port.soc.easy.succ l.48,4% c.13,7% l.49,9%

  • 26/20 - c.13,5% ibid.succ c.14% f.92% c.13.8% f.87% ibid.norm.succ c.14.2% l.50,2%

[so, 50-50, fail~-0,2%, succ post fail~+0,5% (only 0,4 after 2 fails) net +0,5%]

  • 26/45 - mkt.sta.easy.succ c.15,7% l.50,4% port.soc.easy.succ c.15,2% l.50.5%

[!!! bug - Career went down after second success. Note, failed mkt camera disabling btwn the two tries]

  • 26/47 - c.15,2% l.50,5% port.soc.easy.succ c.15,7% l.50,7% mkt.sta.easy.succ c.16,1% l.50,8% c.16,8 l.51 disc.soc.succ no.chg side.sta.succ l.52,2%

  • 27/67 c.16,5% c.17,1% port.soc.easy.succ 17,6% l.52,5% l.54,1%


  • 27/91 - port.soc.easya.succ c.18% soc.80% l.54,2% f.95% mkt.sta.easy.succ c.18,5% sta.80% l.54,4% f.92% disabled port cam int.80% brig f.69% c.18,2 int.60 l.55%

[Nice, earned some life experience ending up in the brig]

In brig for ~2 segs, but time to full is:

  • focus 72% (was 63% on lockup), 18 segs

  • int 63%, 24 segs

I hope it'll speed up when I get back to to my room at the inn.

  • 27/97 f.96% 0,3 segs, int.87% 1,x segs

So, yes, good speedup in recovery.

  • 29/4 mkt.sta.hard.succ l.56,3 c.20,3 f.95 sta.80 port.soc.easy.succ c.20,8 l.56,4 c.21,4 l.56,6 side.soc.succ l.58,1

  • 29/59 c.21.7 l58.4 (did a and other tasks not recorded)

AC Jump Gate

baseline l.58,4 c.21,7 soc/int/sta.exc agi/str.high

  • 29/97 port.soc.easy.succ l.58,6 c.22,2 ibid.succ l.58,8 c.22,6

Not much here. Will see if there are any courses to take on Moisson. For now, started mission The Sleepless Ship. And completed, l.64,4.

Tinkerer mission l.73,8. Ate a ration to finish, so wellfed for a bit. Time to test tasks while wellfed.

  • 30/4 ruins.sta.hard.succ l.74 c.23,3 port.soc.easy.succ l.74,2 c.23,8 port.soc.easy.succ l.74,4 c.24,3

30/17 Mission Beyond the Seal, l.92,3 side.lightmods.sta l.4,9

Log getting long. Maybe split eventually.

  • 30/18 port.sta.hard.succ l.5,1 c.25 port.soc.easy.succ l.5,2 c.25,5 port.soc.easy l.5,4 c.26 ibid.easya.succ l.5,6 c.26,5 c.26,2

Getting close to time for Moisson. Discreet job, l.5,9 side.shipscan l.7,6

TBC in "Gaule darn"