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Lessons dearly learned

Bottom line up front, life is teaching me to be less impulsive.

Having been injured training, working, waiting too long in the shuttle bay, I thought I learned to be cautious.

I should have known when I failed normal tasks at my job with 100% everything. But no, I entered the sewers of Tangoo without a single fight under my belt (unless you count being mugged and ending up in sick bay a fight). Add in oh-so-real setbacks in my persistent dream that I have a life outside of the Post-Catastophe universe, and I think "the Universe is telling me something".

But it's not just impulsivity. It is an awareness of my operating environment. As a level 4, I can't just walk into a bar on Tangoo and expect my charm to smooth things over. I can't expect to go to Alpha Centauri and use their facilities without risk. I was warned repeatedly, but I didn't learn.

The lessons get harder when you don't learn them the first time 'round.

Case in point, I missed my shuttle while writing this. Not the first, likely not the last, but another lesson to sort my shi out.

Time to continue my journey.