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Akashic records of the Akash family

The Akash family was one of the early humans who became Harsene genotype for their high interest in knowledge. The 140th generation have decided to write and publicize the information he founds by reading the Akashic records passed down onto him by his father the 139th gen (clones normally counted as next gen until they have children, but the 140th wont count his clones as new generations, as he doesn't plan to have child, it will be passed on his niece)

They developed their own log device with it's own Operating System named the Akashic records, based on a more primitive technology of DNA computing rather than the hybrid DNA-Quantum computing widely used before the Catastrophe in order to secure the recorded knowledge from being wiped/hacked.

It is family tradition to pass on the eldest child (of any gender) as the primary recorder of the Akashic records, only members of the Akash family and some trusted Harsene was able to access the information from the Akashic records.

Akash the 119th Generation the primary recorder of the time during the Catastrophe has managed to survive the chaos, the damage of the Catastrophe manage to slightly affect the Akashic records damaging some important information such as shipbuilding, opening new wormhole gates and cloning.

Most of the information regarding the family remained intact, but due to very few survivor to confirm or interpret the information and some information being damaged or wiped from the Catastrophe, it's always debated how reliable the Akashic records is.

And this description itself were written from information recorded on Akashic records. More entry shall be publicized when Akash-140th-Gen have free time to inspect information from the Akashic records to explain his hypothesis and his interpretation of the events unfolded.

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