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YZ Ceti

YZ Ceti

YZ Ceti was chosen as a secretive Consortium R&D hub back in the Before, for reasons which are now poorly understood. Some think it was the abundant raw materials of nearby Tau Ceti which caught the eye of Consortium planners all those cycles ago, though lack of a direct wormhole link undermines the theory. Others suspect military considerations played a part in the decision, with the system’s single point of wormhole access making defending its top-secret activities relatively simple.

Today, the system’s four high-security stations, casually known as the ‘Iron Quad’, remain under Consortium control. Together they facilitate a push to reacquire lost technical expertise in the fields of robotics, chemical and biological agents, and communications. Ostensibly devoted to both civilian and military applications, these stations pull in work-seeking techno-specialists from far and wide.

The Gaule keep a close, and sometimes paranoid, watch over developments here; a right enshrined in the Nouveau Limoges accords of 92 AC. In theory, this access-agreement should allay mistrust between the two great powers, calming any potential arms race and reducing the chances of future conflict. But in practice, it does little to quell Gaule suspicions of Consortium culpability for the Catastrophe - nor reduce their fears of a possible repeat scenario.