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L 726-8

L 726-8

This binary star system was originally colonized as part of a Consortium science mission to study its impressive flare stars. In addition to the Jump Gate, two other stations were established, each orbiting one of the system’s stars. The spectacularly-volatile UV Ceti in particular fascinated some of humanity’s brightest minds back in the Before, at least while bright minds could still be found in lethargic post-scarcity civilization.

But, in the wake of the Catastrophe, priorities changed. The Consortium retained control of the Jump Gate, while mothballing the former research facilities of Orwell Stronghold and Spirit of Tianjin. Over time, as the post-Cat consolidation advanced, the latter stations were given over, in somewhat shady handovers, to independent interests; the Benevolent Dynamics corporation and a wealthy entertainment mogul, Etheel Hayes, respectively.

The Jump Gate, though a vital transit hub and still Consortium-affiliated, developed a rather unique culture. It’s now home to the cultish Roswell Division, who advocate for alien-centric Catastrophe explanations and live according to a warped notion of old Earth culture. Today, L 726-8 has a reputation as a bizarre system, its three flare-proof stations containing some of humanity’s strangest post-Catastrophe cultures.