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Humanity finds itself in a position unique in its history. We, for the first time in our civilization’s life span, possess technology at our disposal that we no longer know how to craft. The knowledge of a number of technologies and systems that we utilize, the secrets behind their inner workings and prototype designs have been lost after the events of the Catastrophe. In essence, we have the technology; we cannot rebuild it.

With survival having been the forefront of our collective priority for the last hundred cycles or so, getting something to work was far more important than figuring out why it works. As such, a number of fundamental processes and systems that are firmly ingrained into our society have to be accepted on an ad hoc basis without a deeper understanding of their inner workings. Today, with humanity finally being able to take a small, albeit brief, breath, a number of organizations have begun to make some headway into reclaiming some of this understanding. It remains, however, a fascinating position we find ourselves. We are, in essence, attempting to retro-engineer our technological evolution.