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Despite the Catastrophe’s tech-crippling fallout, humanity managed to restore various useful communication technologies. Today, they support the galaxy’s ever-expanding media offerings; entertaining, informing, and distracting citizens in equal measure.

Thanks to the connectivity offered by the Mesh, citizens can access content feeds from all over the galaxy. The diversity on offer ranges from major affiliations’ official news channels to business feeds devoted exclusively to sectors such as ice mining or private security. Citizens typically access content either via their CORETECHS, or using a mesh-connected slate, such as a small pocket device or the large public screens common on many stations.

Most of the larger feeds run by governmental offices or professional journalists offer a multimedia mix of text, audio, images and video content. Individual citizens’ feeds are typically simpler, comprising of short, text-only blog-style entries. But, regardless of source, content items often conclude with the same audience plea to ‘subscribe for more’. Although the total number of active feeds is high, the big subscriber-counts are boasted by only a prominent handful.

Media freedoms tend to be higher on Freebooter stations where little monitoring of surrounding Mesh-nodes goes on. On Consortium and Gaule stations however, authorities are more cautious, keeping an eye on traffic passing through the nodes which serve the facility. Since content cannot circulate without a verifiable individual or institutional source, potential agitators or trouble-makers using these channels can usually be spotted and tracked.