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Among the various technologies that have been reclaimed since the Catastrophe, Cloning is perhaps the most influential to our survival and current evolution of our society as well as the least understood. Utilizing the various cloning centers that have been reclaimed throughout a number of stations, an individual is able to purchase a clone and, at the moment of their death, download into this new body via the technology of the amygchip.

Cloning has become somewhat central to humanity’s current culture, not only allowing for far dangerous work and preoccupation to be accomplished towards the survival of the species, but also giving birth to a number of interesting cultural phenomena. One form of art that some describe as a journey into both spirituality as well as the macabre is that of The Passing Spectacle, where artists explore and share various types of death before downloading into a clone to discuss the experience with their audience.

There are three types of clones currently available: 3D printed, vat grown, and updatable.