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Humanity’s post-Catastrophe political entities are divided into four camps. Two major powers, Consortium and Gaule, control the majority of stations. The rest split between the anarchic Freebooters and a range of diverse and unique Independents.

Diplomatic relations can be complex and vary according to local conditions. The major powers are locked in something of a cold war, but also cooperate mutually on some issues. Freebooters spread anarchic instability and Independents strive to forge their own destinies amid the often unwelcome courtships of imperial blue and red.

Every system is, to a degree, unique. Where Freebooter menace lurks, Consortium and Gaule are often seen to share closer ties. Where both eye an unconverted Independent neighbor, the opposite might be true. Like stations, individual citizens also possess affiliations which confer rights, privileges, and sometimes, duties and obligations.