Writing Challenge: Create a Collectible for København!

København is one of the first stations most Citizens encounter in their interstellar journey, one that helps set the tone of the universe. Having found the perfect collectible for Tau Station, it’s now time to find the item that perfectly captures your own experience in København! As with the previous challenge, you will be creating a description. The resulting collectible will be carried by all Citizens.

About København

The effects of the Catastrophe on København are an important part of its history, and are clear for all to see. The myriad ships moored at the station crashed, all at once, destroying themselves and the station in the process. While København is a far cry from its former self, human ingenuity still paves the way for its intrepid station residents. They use crashed vessels as makeshift buildings, search the dangerous Ruins for technology, and reuse any materials at hand to live their lives as best as they can.

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From this Monday, Oct 12, until Friday, Oct 16, give free reign to your imagination and create a brand new collectible for København – the most interesting suggestion will make it into the game as a new collectible! Think about what København means to you, and what sort of item would be emblematic of your experiences there. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This second narrative challenge will take place on Twitter once more. It’s just enough characters to let your humor, knowledge and heart show!


moritz’ idea was chosen by our narrative team – Congratulations!

Spaceship in a bottle


This small, clear glass bottle holds an even smaller and filigree space ship model in a shimmering gold tone.

The ship is clearly too large to fit through the bottle neck, and seems not be squishy either. How did it get in there?