Wishing You Yet Another Festive Emberfest!

Another 3.5(ish) cycles have drifted by like they were barely a segment! Emberfest is just around the corner and stations everywhere are putting up their holo-embers, revelers are planning their revelry, and a new caper is on its way to be chronicled! Cast your CORETECHS below and get a peak at Emberfests past, present, and future!

Emberfest, as you may remember, is a time when folks celebrate togetherness, when we remember how we came out of the darkness bearing light and warmth to grant hope to each other. It is also a time that breeds cheesy creativity, both in the form of squirmingly awkward poetry as well as oddly familiar criminal-based generosity!

Some may already have become accessories to festive capers led by the dashing, holiday heroine Jelena Starkiss! The first caper took place on Tau Station, where Jelena required some aid in a little light breaking and entering into an eerily familiar (for the holidays) business tower block. The second caper took you to the Spirit of New York City where Jelena’s robotic partner, K.E.V.I.N, was in a spot of trouble trying to thwart the criminal intentions of two bumbling but loveable thieves!

Never one to break tradition, Jelena is planning a new caper this Emberfest! It’s a Wonderful Omni-Life will be ready to chronicle for the merriest days of the season! Watch this space for further info soon.

In addition, a number of improvements, both big and small are almost fully polished and due to dock in the very near future! A number of these are visual and look absolutely gorgeous, some are functional and add a fair amount of quality of life improvements, and some are even, perhaps, musical in nature!

Character page all stats

Character page- fleet

Again, watch this space for more information on that real soon! Till then, as the Auld Lang Syne always broadcast just after they deposit their ill-gotten gifts,

“Festive Emberfest all, and to all a good night!”