Wishing you Another Festive Emberfest!

A new Emberfest is upon us! The air glitters with hundreds of holo-embers and, perhaps, just a dash more hope than before. It seems like an age since the previous Emberfest so long ago. The time between has been unprecedented, with most of us orbiting each other and our loved ones at a far distance, fighting to forge through the challenges we all face.

So, as the holidays dock into our port like an interstellar cruiser transporting hope and cheer, we want to wish you all our love and appreciation, our sincerest hopes for an amazing, gorgeous, and above all healthy 2021… and, maybe, just a little cheesy, sci-fi holiday poetry!

As recently promised, we are very soon opening up the interstellar byways to the Sirius system.  Named by its Freebooter denizens as the Apples of Discord, the system consists of three lawless stations. Sirius Jump Gate, House of Congo, and Heinlein Stronghold.  These stations bring all new jobs and missions, as well as gear and weapons of the appropriate tier to find.

In addition, some of you may remember Jelena Starkiss from last Emberfest. She and the Auld Lang Syne are back again and will have a new mission for you, exclusive to the holiday season! Watch this space for more.

And now…

Emberfest eve and all through Tau Station
Not a sound could be heard, except air filtration.

Ember lights twinkled, drifted with care,
hoping folks’ burdens lift, and cheer they might share.

All citizens snored, asleep in their beds,
from Freebooters drunk, their senses long fled,
to scientists erudite, with snores quite polite.
Consortium, Gaule, BeDyne, and more,
from Galaxy’s edge, right into the core.

Yet somewhere in shadow, a small tiny clatter,
should anyone hear, they’d pay it no matter.
For Auld Lang Syne crept, through darkness they sneaked,
distributing goods, their ownership tweaked.

And as they thus gave, clothes, food, and gear,
they broadcast a signal, for all to hear.
Then bound away, hidden from sight,
and before they are gone, away in the night,

“Festive Emberfest all, and to all a good night!”