We’re hiring additional Narrative Designers. Join us!

Our indie game Tau Station is hiring! If you are a narrative designer with a passion for science fiction, interested in working with an international team, please read on and take your chance to join us! Our epic story is growing and we need some reinforcement to provide more systems, stations and high quality missions for our Community.
The application phase ends on 4th of January 2019.

About the Game

Tau Station is a text-based science fiction MMORPG that opened its gates with the start of Open Alpha in April 2018. We’re merging elements of choice-based interactive fiction with all the functions of a traditional MMO – trading, missions, crafting, combat, politics, skills, and more – and building something new. Our vision for Tau Station is to create a fully immersive, engaging game world that rests on the foundation of a quality science fiction plot.

Please visit taustation.space to learn more about the game, watch the trailer and start playing it if you haven’t done so already. Get familiar with our universe!

About the People We’re Looking For

You love science fiction in many forms. You’ve read Heinlein. You might hate Philip K. Dick’s stilted writing, but still love his ideas. A new Charles Stross novel makes you weak in the knees. You eagerly watched every Star Trek episode as a child. You can explain what your favorite sci-fi television series is, and why it’s Firefly or The Expanse (we might cut you some slack if it’s not).

You appreciate the science behind the science fiction. While we take some narrative liberties, Tau Station explores a fictional future that is a speculative projection of the science of today. We take into account things like the speed of light delay in communications between space stations, and the effects of G-forces on the human body during space travel.

Hopefully, you’ll also appreciate history. Though Tau Station has a post-apocalyptic interstellar theme, many space stations, stories, and NPC names reference real people and historical events.

You can write, and write well. You understand how the narrative drives a game forward, and how to craft non-linear stories. Tau Station’s mission system allows for multiple paths to success or failure, and we strive to give the players choice and agency as they work through the stories.

The Job Description

The role of the Narrative Designer is to create compelling game content that brings Tau Station’s story, world, and game vision to life. In partnership with our other designers, the Narrative Designer will help develop the game’s core storylines and sub-plots; write missions and game descriptions; and contribute to the creation of an immersive, believable, science-fiction world.

While the focus of this position is on writing game content, the Narrative Designer will also work collaboratively with members of our Creative and Technical teams to develop gameplay ideas and mechanics.

Key Responsibilities

  • Conceive, pitch, and write interactive player missions that explore the plots and themes of Tau Station;
  • Write episodic storylines that move the broader plot forward;
  • Create compelling story content that is consistent with the game’s tone, plot, and vision;
  • Write creative, unique descriptions for the space stations and areas in the game;
  • Write additional game text and incidental copy as needed, including game descriptions, tutorials, tool tips, item descriptions, and marketing tools;
  • Review and edit game and game-related content;
  • Contribute content for our social media outlets including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more;
  • Assist with the development of tools and systems to improve our narrative workflow;
  • Contribute to all aspects of game design;


Our ideal Narrative Designer has a great imagination and is passionate about writing creative, compelling science fiction. In addition, we’re looking for someone who can demonstrate:

  • You must have played Tau Station (simply start now!);
  • Responsible handling of remote work with good organizational skills;
  • 2 finished, commercially published interactive fiction pieces;
  • Excellent US English writing skills;
  • Ability to craft clear and coherent short-format stories;
  • Ability to work independently, while being an active participant of a remote team;
  • Experience working closely with other contributors in a collaborative environment;
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to both give and receive constructive feedback;
  • Positive attitude and a strong work ethic;
  • Ability to deliver quality work under deadline;

How to Apply

Please send the following to jobs@allaroundtheworld.fr:

  • A cover letter
  • Your CV or résumé
  • Links to two finished, commercially published fiction pieces
    (digital interactive narrative pieces preferred)

The application phase ends on 4th of January 2019. We’re looking forward hearing from you!