Visual update: Mobile Version Preview

Greetings beloved Citizens! As you might know, we are currently  working on a massive ui update. A lot work has been done and our  readers may remember some designs we already shared.

Today we want to share another, more challenging aspect of the design – that of the mobile version.  The main issue we’ve met in design for the mobile phones  is that of the smallest resolution we support in Tau Station – 568×320 px.  That’s small indeed! Read on for a look at how we managed this.

We’re breaking information into two aspects. All essential information is present on-screen (navigation, stats, CORETECHS links,  camera). Important but 2nd tier data appears by clicking on the appropriate section of the interface.


Just for the moment, we’re keeping navigation simple whilst slightly refreshing it. (Though watch this space for a massive map overhaul in the not too distant future!) 

My Stats panel

Surprise! Now the ‘My Stats’ panel at the bottom  looks completely new – much more smooth and compact. Should you need more detailed information – welcome to the ‘My Stats Page’. Here you can notice slightly refreshed  stat icons and Donut charts that have replaced stat bars.

My stats popup. Mobile layout page

Financial Logs

For the financial information we have a separate modal window. Now all 3 logs are located on 3 tabs

Area description and tutorial

My Buffs Modal

Here is the well known panel that shows you active buffs and gives you brief information on your protection status, well fed situations etc.

Now it’s way more informative.  By clicking on the icons group near the avatar you can get a window with 4 tabs  – and here in one place you can find information about duration, perks, and fast links to extend the buffs.

Vip status: active tab. Mobile version

Active bodyguards tab. Mobile version

Well fed tab. Mobile version

Also for the visa about to expire,  you will now get a reminder to extend it.

VIP status page. Mobile-version


And finally, for the mobile version we decided to make chat full screen in order to give more ability for communication.


That’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our third in a trilogy of visual updates. Though don’t worry, there are still more updates and sneak peaks of our current work on the way. Expect some new content in the way of gear, systems, and some new missions coming up very soon!