Update Changelog 2023-Mar-31

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This game update addresses and implements report feedback and adds several fixes, specifically resolving a few missing mission steps. You may proceed with your perilous adventuring unencumbered Citizens!

Bug Report Feedback

All Citizens who report issues via the bug report feature in the game, will receive a summary email. Feedback is important for players and developers alike -you’ll always get a confirmation that your findings have successfully been shared with us.

The email contains a summary of what you reported:

An exemplary bug report feedback mail that you'll receive after using the bug report feature.

Markdown Formatting

An issue has been fixed so that using markdown code for nicely formatted character description texts on profiles is working as intended again.

The personal character page that you can access by clicking on you avatar. It contains the option to add a personal description text, using markdown formatting.

The detail screen of other characters shows their personal texts, properly displaying the markdown format:

The character popup of another Citizen who used markdown for formatting his character description text.


  • We’ve added several mission fixes, especially issues with missing next steps have been resolved.
  • The profile link and “report player” button won’t be shown anymore if you select yourself in chat.

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