Update Changelog 2023-Mar-02

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

After the major game update that introduced music and multiple improvements, our first game update in March contains several mission and UI improvements, updated profile pages, local Side Job bots, and a fix for item repairs. As one of the last pending pages, the market has been ported to react!

Mission System

We’ve improved various aspects of the mission system. The most important changes you will recognize are:

  • Several UI changes, such as improved mission start hover effects, and updated buttons.
  • A mission goal/continue mission button appears as a starting point at the beginning of a mission.
  • Mission dialogue closes the moment you change the area.
  • Overall, mission flow operates smoothly, especially after a new goal has been provided that requires leaving the current area.

Profile pages

Selecting a person opens the character details page. Such profiles are now shown in a modal so that all UI options remain in the background (the people and task tabs were not shown before).  The visual focus has been improved as now all background elements are faded out, except the active character modal. The most important change is that you now stay in the area which empowers you to continue where you left off after closing the profile page again.

Clicking outside the profile modal will close the profile page, similar to the “x” on the upper right, making closing more convenient.

The improved way to view profiles: The details are now shown in a modal while the background turns blurry which improves the focus. All UI elements, especially the navigation, remain.

Market ported to react

Most of the game pages are ported, and the market has been moved to the single-page application; music will continue to play when you enter the market.

The Market of Tau Station with an NPC welcoming you, and the option to sell your items


Side Job Bots added

Some Side Jobs are now given by Merobots which have received special avatars.

Side Job bots differ per station and local authority - as Bordeaux Station is under control of the Gaule Protectorate, the Side Job bot shows their red faction color

Item Repairs

Item repair now gives feedback messages when failing for low stats, and thanks to your reports, the self-repair of items were fixed, so that items are now fully repaired on completion.

Stargazer for the Tau Station team