Update Changelog 2022-Oct-20

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This latest update gives us more game areas that have been ported to react, with several redesigns for general messaging, and adjustments to ship tuning and training. Read below for further information…

Areas Ported to React

As with every update, we ported further pages to react, bringing us one step closer to the one-page application and ultimately the addition of music for the game. This means, the following areas no longer reload on interactions:

  • The Inn
  • The Lounge
  • The Hotel Rooms

The Inn at Sol Jump Gate with the options to train Intelligence and to purchase a Training boost.

The Lounge at Sol Jump Gate with cozy seats and the options to train Social and to boost the effect by buying a round for everyone.

Inside rented Hotel Room 794 on Sol Jump Gate, with options to train Intelligence and activating a learning enhancer.

UI & Messaging

  • Private Ship – The description for tuning up your ship has been amended. You will keep your odometer stats for total traveled kilometers, with only the last tune-up count being updated.

Tuning up your private ship when inside the Cockpit.

  • Training Stats – We have added various feedback messages for cases when training your stats are not possible.
  • Employment Center – When you decide to pause your career, a confirmation dialog is shown rather than a modal anymore.
  • Speech Bubbles – Many speech bubbles have been redesigned to enhance their readability and visibility by amending text spacing and adding a glow (see example below).

One of the improved speech bubbles in the Cloning Facility with a glow and improved text formatting.


  • Training your Intelligence within the Emergency Shuttle now works as intended.
  • Specific cases of confinement related issues in the SickBay have been fixed.

Travelling with an Emergency Shuttle to Tau Station with the options to train Intelligence and to purchase the learning enhancer.

Stargazer for the Tau Station team