Update Changelog 2022-May-24

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Our recent game update includes two new missions, the addition of more characters into the game universe, and both the Security and Cloning Vats pages have been ported to react. Read on for all details.

New Missions, Story and Characters

New Missions: Seeking the Sanguine Samhain & Making a Killing

Good news Citizens, today’s game update brings you 2 new missions for your enjoyment! For those at level 13 (or above), look for Professor Quantum Spanner on Heinlein Stronghold to plunge into a story about a missing scientist, a rumored defection and plenty of intrigue. While adventurous Citizens who have reached level 17 can explore the grand spectacle of the OmRe Tourney by finding Karl Guigino on The House of Syria station.

New NPCs

Several new non-player characters have joined our game: Minerva Rashid, Quantum Spanner, Benson, Lolly, Matéo and Runa.

Beson's fingers seem to be nearly 15 centimeters long, he has a scar that runs alongside his jaw. Benson is wears fine suit jacket cut in the latest style, and a synth-silk cravat the color of hematite at his throat.
Benson is a tall and lanky man, even by Belter standards.
Runa wears her long hair pulled back into a braid from which blonde wisps have escaped. She is tall for a Baseline human, and built powerfully. She wears black cargo pants, a fitted black shirt with thick patches at the elbows and shoulders, and a black trench coat, under which a harness with two holsters can be seen.
Runa is of the Baseline genotype and quick to smile.


The narrative team have included new descriptions for all the quirky stations of the Sirius system: Heinlein Stronghold, Sirius Jump Gate, and The House of Congo.

The chronicle page with the stations of the Sirius system

Rooms Ported to React

The Cloning Facility and Security pages have also been ported to react, bringing us one step closer to the one page application and ultimately the addition of music for the game.

The process for acquiring clones has been changed: Clones are no longer purchased with wallet credits, but only with bank account credits/bonds which makes this essential aspect of survival much safer for you.

Restyled Cloning Facility

Hiring Bodyguards at the Security:

Restyled Security page with improved texts

Stargazer for the Tau Station team