Update Changelog 2022-May-11

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update adds the brand new mission “The Heat Is On” on Sirius Jump Gate (sorry for the music in your head). New Citizens will start their adventure in Tau Station with our new Tutorial. Furthermore, the Bar has been reworked, coming with a new layout and new functionalities – another step into the direction of making the game a one-page application. Please read on for all details.

Missions, Story and Characters

New Tutorial

With  “CORETECHS Calibrations”, we’ve added a new intro mission for all Citizens starting their adventure in Tau Station. Fellie Norbush is giving you a warm welcome at the Port, guiding you through your first steps and helping you to update your CORETECHS device.

Tau Station new Tutorial CORETECHS Calibrations with Fellie Norbush welcoming new Citizens

Once you’ve completed the new tutorial mission for the first time, you are awarded with a bonus 3 day VIP pack. Fellie and her tech wizardry has genetically bound this special one-time gift, so no shenanigans!

New Mission: The Heat is on!

We’re proud to present you with the first adventure created by our new narrative colleague Miro!

Some of the names you encounter during this level 13 mission may sound familiar to you… Visit the Gaule Ambassador Colline Beverly on the Freebooter station Sirius Jump Gate. She’s willing to pay for some quiet assistance…

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

NPC: Collector Maitland

You may have spotted him already at the Sirius Jump Gate without having a face. Now, with the activation of the new mission “The Heat Is On”, Collector Maitland received an avatar.

Collector Maitland is a tall and strong man with dark hair

Take a Drink at the Bar!

With our recent update, the Bar comes with a restyled layout and the page was ported to react, which take us another step closer to the one-page application and addition of music.

Visiting a bar is more realistic as drinks will now need to be paid solely from your wallet. So, make sure to bring enough credits if you’re thirsty or want to invite friends. Everything offered at the bar now follows the correct price at your local station.

New messages are extending your experience at the bar and existing ones have received a narrative treatment to offer a smoother impression, specially consolidating various aspects into a single, informative and fun message.

Kobenhavn Bar with new layout

Don’t forget that too much drinking can be dangerous 🙂

Thrown to the brig due to too much drinking and getting in trouble

Stargazer for the Tau Station team