Update Changelog 2022-May-04

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update adds a couple of new characters with names that may sound familiar somehow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The Brig and people tabs of all pages have been revamped, several quality of life changes and updates have been added. Thanks for your feedback!

New NPCs joined us!

Six new mission avatars arrived on various stations. Let’s give a warm welcome to Axelle Foley, Chief Taggart, Dr Malleable Dolomite, Jelena Stellarvic, Karl Guigino, and Sergeant Cage Nicolev.

In case some names do sound familiar to you, your CORETECHS might have sent some information fragments from old earth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Profile Improvements


Your personal character page now shows both, the name of your active Career andย  the according Career path that is connected to it.

The career tab of the character page now listing the main career, the chosen path and the rank's name. In our example: "Business" with the "Trader" path and rank name "Hawker"

This provides a better overview and streamlines with the information of the Career Advisory in the Employment Center.

Business Career card with the path of Trader as its shown in the Employment Center

How I look to others

As requested, we’ve brought back a beloved feature: You’re now able again to check how your character appears to other Citizens. The ability has been added to your character page, below your Dossier.

The "How you look to others" button on the main character page

Style updates

People Tab

Checking who’s around with you is an important aspect. Sometimes you may see NPCs, neutral Citizens, friends or even foes.

The people tab has been updated with pagination in cases where a lot of people are all in the same area. There’s no grouping of NPCs and Citizens anymore as all characters mean a lot to the life and story in Tau Station.

On top of that, the new fancy icons that indicate friends and foes are used in the updated layout.

The Brig

The area you only ever want to visit has been restyled with a fresh background, NPCs, and the messages have been updated with a narrative flavor . All actions are now handled via API endpoints, removing the need for page reloads. Thus, the Brig received an important technical change in the direction of porting the game into a one-page application as announced with desktop update 1.0.

The list of Inmates now shows the new friends & foes icons that we’ve already added last week to the Sick Bay. With the updates for the people tab being effective for any area, the indication of hostile or friendly Citizens has added.

Checking NPC details

Attempting to view details of NPCs now always works, even if a character is a mission-only NPC that is not currently available for you. Thus, you’re always able to learn more about specific characters if you’re eager to investigate and want to dive deeper into the story behind the Catastrophe.


  • Syndicate Creation – When you apply for a Syndicate license in the Government Center, there is the option that allows people to sign directly from other stations and not only from your local station. Activating this option with the checkbox now leads to an instant update of the page, reflecting all settings you chose.
  • Looking at Members – When checking the character details of your Syndicate’s members in your CORETECHS, the stats are now shown properly without wrapping the text anymore.
  • Forums – All Syndicate can create their personal forums for the members as intended. An edge case has been sorted.

Misc. Improvements

  • Interstellar Shuttles – Once you bought a ticket for an Interstellar Shuttle, a system message is shown, including a countdown and link to the departure area. Using the link will now make you enter the Interstellar Shuttle.
  • Market – When selling items to other Citizens, you need to define a asking price. A hint has been added for how to input numbers.
  • Sick Bay – Some detail changes were applied to this page, such as API calls.

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