Update Changelog 2022-Mar-22

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Another week, another update! The team has continued working on further UI improvements, and implemented further new layouts, for example, to the Security page. On top of that, some improvements and fixes were applied. Read on to learn more about the new game update.

The UI overhaul continues

The team continued to update the layout of various pages.

  • People Details – When you click on a character name listed in the people tab, it will open the detail page which now has a close button for returning to the list.
  • Character Modals – A popup (modal view) for character details is now shown when you click on names in the Docks, Public Market, Shipping Bay, blogs, Citizen Council page, Syndicates, email, or forums. The close button will let you return to the previous page (e.g. the forums; see picture below).
  • Security – The layout of the page for hiring Bodyguards has been restyled, the option to hire further Bodyguards has been moved to the left for more comfortable access, and the contrast has been improved.
  • Vendors – The positioning of vendor shop icons has been improved: when you have five vendors, the first shop won’t overlap with the NPC’s arm anymore (see screenshot below).

The updated vendors page of Tau Station with individual texts and improved alignments

The new character modal popup


  • Ruins – Your stats now get updated instantly after every action you perform. This is an important change in the direction of porting the game into a one-page application as announced with desktop update 1.0.
  • Syndicates – We added scrolling to the reward screen for Syndicate campaigns in your CORETECHS. You’re now able to check the entire list of items your team received.
  • Storage – We added scrolling to your locker at the Market that longer lists of items are not cut off anymore.
  • Employment – A close button has been added to several pages to better aid navigation, such as the Career Task list and Career Ranks.
  • Vendors – The NPCs are now able to welcome you with individual greetings per station. The narrative team will fill up the messages over time.
  • Stats Regeneration – The stats now automatically update every 15 minutes without a page refresh and/or actions done.
  • Areas – A visual glitch has been sorted as the expanded areas container won’t slightly overlap the “areas” button anymore.


  • Discreet Work – The issue of sometimes not finding an NPC in “rooms” has been sorted.
  • Person of Interest – The CORETECHS Chronicle’s “Persons Of Interest” now correctly shows mission givers on remote stations when there are fewer than six local missions available.

StarGazer for the Tau Station team