Update Changelog 2022-Mar-15

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

As promised with the major overhaul update last week, Tau Station will get frequent updates again. The team continued to update the designs of further station areas, added improvements and applied some fixes. Among other things, you can scroll the team and opponent list in Syndicate campaigns again. Thanks for your reports, please keep it up!

UI: New Designs & Improvements

The team continued with the UI overhaul for further pages, along with detail improvements for areas that were already updated.

  • Sub-Areas – For all locations with additional areas, the sorting order has been re-arranged at the top navigation bar. The main area is now always the first option on the left (see university screenshot below).
  • University – The University pages have been restyled, including the degree overview. Furthermore, the University now has 4 additional pages with Regulation, Industry, Iatrics, and Astronautics that provide a specific set of courses while the main university page contains the intelligence training. “Regulation ” contains courses for combat and leadership, “Industry” is for manufacture  and business, “Iatrics” holds medicine and psychology courses, and “Astronautics” is about engineering and spaceship operations.

Top navigation of the university with the new areas for set of courses

  • Gaule Embassy – The Gaule Embassy page has been redesigned (see picture below).
  • Bank – The bank has been restyled and two service bots now share some advice with you as a customer.
  • Market – The Market main page has a new design with NPC and new sell icon, furthermore the Vendors overview and vendor’s stall have been updated.
  • Employment – The position of the buttons has been improved to better balance the design. There’s now more space to the NPC’s speech bubble on the left and the buttons.
  • Ruins/The Wilds – The opacity of UI elements in this area has been improved and the CORETECHS button below the list of syndicates that are recruiting has been optimized as it was too big.
  • Shipyard – You can scroll the page and view all of your ships again as intended.
  • Gov’t Center/VIP Lounge – A contrast issue on Freebooter Station has been resolved for the option the renew the VIP status when your already have VIP status.
  • Gov’t Center/Depot – The style of the page has been updated, especially the pickup button has moved from the bottom to the top to improve comfort.
  • Character – The “level” title has been added to the character screen. The syndicate membership has moved from the right side to the summary on the left, below your avatar. The XP circle now progresses clockwise everywhere (see screenshot below).
  • Speech Bubbles – The speech bubbles of NPCs that welcome you in different areas are now properly attached to each NPC who’s talking to you. This has been done for the Brig, Clonevat, and Sick Bay.

New Gaule Embassy page with an NPC welcoming you and option to buy a VISA

The updated character page with level progress circle and syndicate information in the summary part

The Chronicle

  • Confirmations – The confirmation dialogue boxes that show up when you want to quit discreet work, a side job or cancel a mission were cut. They’re now displayed properly.
  • Missions – Placeholder texts have been removed that were displayed in missions like “Drone Alone: An Emberfest Caper”. Our narrative team continues reviewing and integrating all missions into the Chronicle.

Syndicate Campaigns

  • Team list – We added scrolling to the list that bigger teams can see all of their participants.
  • Opponents – An issue has been resolved that the attack button of foes at the bottom of the enemy list wasn’t clickable. Now the containers listing participants just use the available area to prevent buttons from being hidden.
  • Fix – An cache issue was fixed that formerly caused exceptions in Syndicate campaigns. Now everything should work properly again.

Misc. Improvements & Fixes

  • Career Income – Every career task reward now goes to your wallet, even  credits for non-illegal tasks. Previously, only illegal task rewards went to wallet, other tasks went to bank account.
  • Focus for VIP – In some places the focus of VIPs wasn’t displayed properly with 150% (max), but 100%. This has already been hot-fixed on March 4th.
  • Forums – The button for reporting inappropriate posts has been renamed from “flag” to “report” to streamline all report buttons of the game and to make it clearer what this option is for.
  • Market/Storage – You’re now able to buy storage space again if you don’t already have a storage locker on the current station.
  • Travelling – While travelling with your ship to another destination, the location you left won’t be shown as area description anymore.
  • Gov’t Center/Depot – The Depot is not shown anymore when you don’t have any items to pick up after you died on a station that doesn’t have a Sick Bay or if you used a suicide pill.
  • Local Shuttles – All the local shuttle destinations now have different schedules again as intended. There is no summary about km, credits and time shown anymore when no shuttles are available. Interstellar and private shuttles are now named correctly everywhere.
  • Disembarking – A bug was fixed. When traveling on a private ship, you now get to the arrivals page after disembarking.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update. Cya in Tau Station and on our Discord!
StarGazer for the Tau Station team