Update Changelog 2022-Aug-25

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Enjoy the latest game update with quality of life changes for the career tasks, quick access to Citizen profiles from the chat, and more.


Clicking on another player’s name on the chat gives you access to additional options such as checking their profile. The profile link now works as intended again: use the shortcut to get access to further options such as, adding people to your friend’s list, or sending a private mail.

The game chat with a chat message that has been clicked on, revealing the options "details" about this player and "report" for reporting misbehaviour

Many of you already know of the official Tau Station Discord server. We’ve added an icon to this additional Community channel on our homepage making it easier to join the Discord.

The new Discord button on the Tau Station website

Focus Bar at the Gym

The display of the focus bar at the Gym is now more intuitive with the removal of the “too tired” label from the right of the focus bar. If you are “too tired”, it is still indicated in red with your current focus shown on the left (20% in this case).

The simplified indication of having too low focus at the Gym

Career Tasks

Quality of life changes have been applied to career tasks. You now have double the number of options per area while also being limited from accidentally performing multiple tasks; feedback messages are automatically closed when starting another action and as long as a career task is available, it will stay in the same position on the screen.

There are more career tasks available now at the Market of Tau Station



Issues with extending a VISA has been resolved. When you get deported to a Jump Gate due to VISA expiration, it can be renewed at a Jump Gate’s Embassy with sufficient credits. Feedback messages for buying or extending a VISA have also been reviewed and updated.

Getting a new VISA at the Gaule Embassy, Alpha Centauri Jump Gate

Emergency Shuttle

When traveling on an emergency shuttle, a proper shuttle travel page is now displayed – the messaging has also been updated.

Refueling private ships

Captains of private ships need to refuel their vessels once in a while. This is performed in the recently updated Cockpit. The information “price per gram” has been moved to the “Fill up the tank” section which will allow you no matter the state of your tank to compare station price versus destination price.

Screen of refueling the private ship


We hope you enjoy the update. Let us know what you think: on the forums, our social channels, or Discord.

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