Update Changelog 2022-Aug-08

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As promised in the latest Community video call, this game does introduce the new Cockpit with new functionalities for private ships! More game areas have been ported to react, a small army of new NPCs joined the game and there are thrilling new missions available for you. Read on to check out all update details like additions for screen readers and the ability to (finally) drop or sell items received in Discreet missions…

Missions, Story and Characters

Starting a mission is now more fluent. No need to click through the “You have accepted” message anymore. Test out this new flow with some brand new missions!

New Mission: The Truth is Down There

All have heard stories. All have heard rumors. Mentioned in every conspiracy article on the Mesh and gossip amongst the travelers of the deep black. What are the Consortium doing in YZ Ceti? What are they hiding? What are the sensors on Spirit of New York City spying on? So many questions, so many theories, so many secrets.

No one knows the truth, except that one crazy guy at the bar. One of those strange cultists from Little Earth, he seems to have an answer to everything. Aliens! Yes, you heard right the first time, Aliens. But he needs help proving it. Can you do it? Will you do it? Have a chat with Bing Lancaster to find out more, while the risks are high, the pay-off could be huge! The answer to the oldest question “Are we alone” may just a few steps away. 

Start of the Mission when meeting Bing Lancaster in the Bar

New Mission: A Farewell to Armors

Welcome to the Omni Reality Wargames! Every cycle, athletes from across the Ross 154 system gather at the Jump Gate, to compete in the greatest battlefield simulation throughout the stars! It’s a chance for everyone to show off their latest technology and prove their superiority, with all vying to be called champion!

As usual, the competition extends far out from the Stadium itself. Intrigue and collusion are rife behind the scenes, with all looking for any opportunity to gain the upper hand. A conversation with Paulo Reiser leads you down a path of subterfuge and evasion, with an athlete’s fate and system diplomacy in your hands!

Paulo Reiser is of the Baseline genotype. A small man, clean shaven with short black hair. Wearing spotless Consortium attire, he paces around looking at the visitors, eyeing them up greedily.
Paulo Reiser

New Mission: The Art or the Artist

A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.

― Salvador Dali

Artists need guidance in unveiling their work to the world, and art dealers need to keep their artists working. Without one, the other doesn’t exist. This two-way relationship is a delicate concept, one that falls apart at the slightest of strain. The balance between a strict schedule and creative genius is difficult, even more so when the artist has disappeared.

This is the case we have on Madame de Pompadour, where a mousy art dealer is desperate for help. They have lost their only artist, one whose work has taken off, famous across several systems. Can you help find them? Do they want to be found? Speak to Philippe Gaston for the chance to contribute to the “Arts”, in your special way.

Screenshot of the mission start, talking to Philippe Gaston

New NPCs

Nearly 30 new characters joined our universe. You can now meet Aby Stander, Alf Minerva, Antoinette Rigaudeau, Artemis Ketland-Antonie, Bing Lancaster, Carole Heurtel, Ethan Cruise, Etienne Aquila, Hooded stranger, Jacques Dubois, Jean Ketland, Jonah Winthorpe, Ludu Nanda, Marge Carter, Min Ji, Moss the Maddest, Professor Panthus Neutrino, Paulo, Paulo Reiser, Dr. Randa Haddad, The Sarge, Sophie Loiseau, Star Seer Adonis, Tom Wiggum, Tyko Brigit, Vincent Ramius, and Yvette.
The Sarge is a strong woman with short hair, showing off her bizeps. She has neon colored tattoos.Dr. Randa Haddad is an older, graceful black woman, wearing a precious white dress.

The Sarge, Dr. Randa Haddad, Panthus Neutrino, and Antoinette Rigaudeau.

Professor Panthus Neutrino has grey hair, he is wearing some tech googles.Antoinette Rigaudeau is wearing the simple garb of a Gaule diplomat. With her kind smile, she leaves all with the impression of a helpful and caring person..

CORETECHS – Chronicles

Chapter descriptions have been added for completed chronicles of chapter 22-25 which are located at the system L-7268-A.

Rooms Ported to React

Several areas have been ported to react, bringing us one step closer to the one page application and ultimately the addition of music for the game.


The Shipyard, the area where you can acquire private ships, has been ported to react and restyled. An NPC is now guiding you with improved messages. You’re not a captain, yet? Go to the University to acquire the needed skills and get your (first) private ship at the Shipyard!

You want to know what you buy, right? Therefore, the Shipyard now shows the stats of all vessels offered at first sight.

Everything else happens right in your ship, in the Cockpit which you can enter via the Docks (see below).

The Shipyard where a private shuttle is offered for 210,000 credits.


The Docks have also ported to are now also using APIs and have been restyled. The stats of your ship(s) are displayed with circular progress bar, streamlining the approach with how your person stats are shown.

The Docks with a list of 3 docked ships of other Citizens - you can select them to get more details.

The display depends on the situation of having private ships docked or not.

UI screenshot of the Docks with "your ship" with details and the option to enter it being shown along with a list of ships owned by other Citizens.

New Feature: The Cockpit

With this update, we introduce several new functionalities for your updated Cockpits. You can enter your private ship at the Docks to access it and everything is now in the comfort of your ship.

With the changes and additions applied, your private ship turned into your person Hotel Room, giving you free shelter. Furthermore, you have the ability to store and transport items, improve your Intelligence at any time (not only when travelling!), and you can now enter your ship whenever you want!

Cockpit view "on board" of a private shuttle. Similar to the previous picture, but with a blue instead of brownish background.

Read all details about the new feature with Community requested functions  like the ability to check fuel prices and more, in our dedicated blog!

Pop-up to refuel your ship with a slider to decide about the refuel amount, with information like price per gram, total price, duration and option to buy the fuel for credits.


Additions for Screen Readers

We’ve worked on better accessibility by several additions due to player feedback on the game chat – thanks for sharing it with us!

Screen reader text has been added to preferences, profile and email links. Landmark texts have been appended to financial, navigation, ventures and indicator sections. The preferences page heading has changed to match link, while tab and sub room section labels have been extended with more context.

The mission content is contained in a carousel by default. If you prefer to remove these and replace with only the simpler mission content for screen reader navigation, open the game preferences and activate the checkbox labelled ‘Screen reader enhancements’.

Mission content can be found with a heading starting: “Mission:”. At the end of the each mission dialogue you will be given directions, information or buttons for mission choices. New “aria” attributes are now part of mission content announcing new content when new content is loaded after selection a mission option.


  • Blogs – When you follow someone’s blog, you’ll now get a notification mail once the Citizen wrote a new entry. This way, you won’t miss new thrilling adventure reports anymore!
  • Applications – Soon, syndicates will also get a special notification, once someone applies to join your team to speed up the cooperation and interaction with other Citizens.

Important Fixes

Getting rid of Discreet Mission Items

Yes, we finally fixed the issue for several items received by Discreet missions you couldn’t get rid of. There is no need to move these items to your inventory anymore. Instead, it’s finally possible to sell or even drop the stuff if you don’t need or want it anymore!

So, time to clean up your inventory and storages: drop it like it’s hot!

Cloning Vats now show all local Clones

This important area for survival now shows all your clones again and not just the latest one, in case you have more than one at this local station. No clones were lost, it was simply a display issue which is now resolved by the ability to browse all local clones.

You like to have a collection of various clones or even use the clones for tracking your character’s progression over time? No problem at all as now all of your fallback bodies are displayed.

On top to that, you always have a complete list of clones all over the game universe on your character page’s “clones” tab.

At the Cloning Vats, you now can see all local clones in a list with their stats, similar to your private ships at the Docks if you have more than one vessel.


We hope you like the new update. Let us know what you think. On chat, on the game forums, or on our Discord!

Stargazer for the Tau Station team