Update Changelog 2022-Apr-19

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s update brings several improvements, a mission has been re-activated and 7 new NPC avatars have been added to the game. Read on to see all details.

UI Improvements

  • Local Shuttles – The display of local shuttles on stations like Alpha Centauri have been improved so that you’re able to purchase a ticket to any destination.
  • Current Chronicle – We add a bit more space between character details, current mission log, and completed chronicle content to make the layout lighter, improving readability.
  • Task Feedback – The spacing in the feedback box when a Career task failed or succeeded also got improved.

Narrative Changes

  • The Lost Children – The mission has been re-activated after we applied some changes and therefore had turned it temporarily off.

New NPC Avatars

  • Andrew Bundren
  • Jojo
  • Jun-Ho
  • Miriam Turner
  • Roddy
  • Tomlin
  • Tristan

Fixes and Improvements

  • People & Tasks – People and Tasks buttons are no longer displayed when you are inside your hotel room or when onboard your ship. We figured, who wants to view others when they are relaxing in their private quarters?!
  • Tasks – An edge case of stats not being shown when performing career tasks, e.g. at the Cloning Vats, has been resolved. The stats information is now shown as intended.
  • Credit Log – Transaction details in the credit log for course enrollment now show as “enroll university course” as intended rather than “accelerate university course”.


Stargazer for the Tau Station team