Update Changelog 2022-Apr-05

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update brings a number of  improvements for the bank as well as the new “H.Y.T.T.I.O.A.O.A.” chronicle. Communication-wise, the preview function of the forums has been enhanced and the chat is more comfortable now as auto-scrolling to the latest message is active once again.

Bank Improvements

  • Instant Status – All bank actions are now handled via API endpoints, thus removing page reloads. This is another important change in the direction of porting the game into a one-page application as announced with desktop update 1.0.
  • Auto-Complete – We removed autocomplete on inputs to avoid unintended changes coming from your browser.
  • NPC Instructions – The speech bubbles have been broken down into multiple parts to better indicate when there are multiple helpful details shared, because it can differ depending on your location.
  • Button – An action button “transfer” appears on the left if you are at a Consortium bank that isn’t your home branch, similar to what you know from side jobs.

Narrative Improvements

  • Mission – Fixes applied to “H.Y.T.T.I.O.A.O.A.”, the level 13 mission on Heinlein Stronghold in the Sirius system. Thanks for your reports!
  • Mission – Fixes applied to Downed Quixote on Kobenhavn.
  • Tutorial – Various improvements to tutorial texts.

Communication Improvements

  • Chat Start – When you open the chat window, the message containers now scroll down so that the most recent message is visible.
  • Chat Auto-Scrolling – When a new message is sent or received, and the message container is scrolled so that the most recent message is visible, then messages should be scrolled up to make the new message visible. If you scrolled up to read the chat history, auto-scrolling will be deactivated, but a message at the top will inform you that new messages got posted.
  • Forums – A scrollbar has been added to the post preview box. This resolves an issue with previews of long texts.

Stargazer for the Tau Station team