Update Changelog 2022-Apr-26

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s update adds a brand new Chronicle to Heinlein Stronghold and helpful career information to your character page. The messaging in the Sick Bay has been improved and the course list in the University shows you where to find courses if they’re not available in the station you’re at. Please read on to see all details.

Profile – Career

Based on your feedback, we improved the character page. The “Bank and Career” tab now shows “Criteria for Promotion” with the two requirements, experience and the minimum number of days you need to remain in a rank before you can be promoted further.

profile page with the new box "criteria for promotion" with "Rank Experience 10% of 100%" and "Days in Rank: 23 out of 2". So, the XP is blocking the next rank right now.

Sick Bay

The sickbay was ported to React, which take us one step closer to the one page application and therefore the music. Messages have received a narrative treatment to offer a better user experience by consolidating various aspects into a single, informative and fun message. You’ll experience the changes…

  • when you bribe yourself or someone else,
  • when there’s nobody there,
  • when there’s no reason to bribe anymore, and
  • when you have insufficient bonds for bribing.
  • Furthermore, the messages of the avatar on the left who’s welcoming you have been touched as well.

Courses & Training

  • University – Now the university courses say where they’re available for enrolling so that you are better guided on where to find the course of your preference (see screenshot below).
  • Private Ships – Training intelligence is now allowed onboard a private ship while not traveling. This adds another benefit to owning a private ship.

The detail page of the university course "Basic Navigation Systems", listing four stations where the course is available as it's not offered on Tau Station.


  • A new Chronicle, “Individual Granted Objective Responsibility,” is available on Heinlein Stronghold from Professor Malleable Dolomite at the University.
  • The Chronicle, “CORETECHS Calibrations,” given by Fellie Norbush at the Port of Tau Station has been updated to include more introductory elements to the game as well as a incentivizing reward upon completion!
  • Narrative and UX improvements to messages in the Brig, University, and Sickbays, and those rare occurrences when a reality conflict paradox is created (ie. when you have multiple tabs open and forgotten which one holds your original self).
  • On-boarding continues for our newest Omni-Reality architect who is hard at work on their first Chronicle.
  • On-boarding begins for our even newer Omni-Reality Architect!

Friends & Foes

Last, but not least: We added new icons indicating Citizens that are your friends or listed as your foes. How do like ’em?

Example of new friends & foes icons in the Sick Bay (a connection icon for friends, a skull for foes)

Stargazer for the Tau Station team