Update Changelog 2021-April-23

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Let’s finished this old-Earth month with a content update! Two new missions are now available, and plenty of new tier 5 items. The team processed a bunch of Community reports (thanks),  new NPC avatars were added, and plenty of invisible changes in preparation for the new UI. The shop is now offering five new items packs.

Two New Missions with One Collectible Reward

  • One Egg, Two Yolks: A Reclamation Revelation. (Bordeaux Station, Employment Center, Renata Sauvignon, seasonal)
  • Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Die (Madame de Pompadour, Market, Tam Tim)

New NPCs Have Been Added

72 New Weapons

35 New Tier 5 Armor

Five New Item Packs in The Shop

Game Improvements & Visible Changes

  • Ship engineering specialist course no longer reduces an existing character skill level
  • Self-repair of private ships when in Docks is now performed from outside the ship. Therefore now, you cannot be confined and onboard a ship at the same time
  • The magic behind career task usage of stats has been rebalanced.

Invisible Changes

The team is currently creating new API endpoints to support the new UI. While this work is time consuming it offer us a unique ability to clean up our code base and offer a more resilient infrastructure.