Update Changelog 2020-May-01

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Let’s start a new old-earth month with a content update! Two new missions are now available and an existing one has been reactivated for you. The CORETECHS received several content updates, such as information about genotype food, companies and social events. The team processed a bunch of Community reports (thanks), genotype food images now indicate who benefits from a bonus. Several improvements have been applied, and you’re now able to decline sent items from any Shipping Bay. The shop is now open.

CORETECHS: New Content

2 New Missions, 1 Reactivated

  • ‘Bond Villain’ (level 2) on Tau Station in the Sol system; no further preconditions.
  • ‘Fool’s Gold’ (level 19) on Cape Verde Stronghold, part of YZ Ceti system aka Iron Quad; no further preconditions.
  • ‘Ready Player Everyone’ (level 1) on Tau Station in the Sol system is available again. It has no preconditions.

Mission Improvements

  • ‘A System Shock’ (punctuation) – Sotheryn’s forum report brought it to “the point”. Everything harmonized, thanks!
  • ‘Curious Incident’ (typos) – A list of several details shared on the forums, along with 2 single reports have been processed. Thanks!
  • ‘Damsel in the Dark’ (goals) – Some goal instructions have been clarified to better guide you to the areas you need to visit.
  • ‘Dear Heart’ (goal) – New goals added to better finding the next step.
  • ‘Freedom for the Press’ (punctuation) – Use of suspension points harmonized.
  • ‘Fun Gus Among Us’ (goal) –  A mission goal has been added to help in one particular path for better finding Jolene.
  • ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ (typos) – Thanks for the list shared on the forums, Shadow. Everything should be sorted now.
  • ‘Hero’s Journey’ (choices) – A duplication of choices has been sorted.
  • ‘Minor Offense’ (typo) – A missing character is now at “your” service.
  • ‘Shadow in the Dark’ (misc) – The mission now refers to Moissan station with the correct name, and duplicated part of a sentence has been removed and your forum summary of smaller typos has been tackled by the team.
  • ‘The Sleepless Ship’ (typo) – A sentence corrected at the Jump Gate.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Images (genotype food) – The snacks and drinks granting a genotype specific bonus now show which genotype will benefit. For example, the brain booster bites snack or tireless tonic drink.
  • Architecture (misc) – This update contains again some impressive architectural changes necessary to implement the UI for Tau Station and take us to a single page application. You can expect one further update before being able to see some interesting changes. More to come!
  • Shipping (declining) – Declining an item sent by another Citizen is now possible from any Shipping Bay and not just the destination Shipping Bay.
  • The shop is open. VIP packs and Bonds are available for purchase.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Item typos (misc) – A typo in the description of the Slug Rifle has been sorted,
  • NPC (rename) – By accident, an NPC at Moissan had the name of a super model. Therefore, Jill’s family name was now changed to “Goodfield”, but the NPC picture is still beautiful as well 😉
  • Side Job ‘Ordnance Patrol’ (misc) – 2 tiny text glitches and a wrong NPC reference are gone now in this job at Taungoo Station.
  • Storage (typo) – The area description at Taungoo Station has been improved.