Update Changelog 2020-Jun-09

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Four new missions await, along with artwork for archive entries, 27 mission givers, and 17 weapons. The storage management feature received a speed boost and our team improved some aspects of messaging. Finally, many small text improvements are also included in this latest game update!

4 New Missions & Changes

  • ‘The Bad Egg: A Reclamation Story’ – A level 1 mission at København, in Sol system, with no preconditions.
  • ‘Dynamic Evaluation’ – A new mission at Orwell Stronghold, part of the L 726-8 A system. Minimum level is 14, and ‘Ready Player Everyone’ is a prerequisite.
  • ‘Down With the Sickness’ – Takes place on Cape Verde, part of the YZ Ceti system. The mission requires level 19.
  • ‘Unrequited’ – A level 19 mission at Asimov Freehold, part of YZ Ceti system.
  • Prologue – The first mission has clearer goals now to better guide new Citizens.

New Artwork

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Notifications – They no longer show the notification type, but only the main message.
  • Notifications – You can immediately remove Shipping Bay notifications when rejecting an item sent to you. Some other similar cases also fixed.
  • Sending Items – Unwanted expiry notifications have been removed for items sent from one Citizen to another that are already picked up or expired.
  • Storage Management – The feature is faster now (hotfixed earlier for you).

Text Changes & Additions

The team diligently processed a lot of your reports, along with some findings by the team. Although there are many minor improvements, quality matters to us. Therefore, thanks a lot for all your eagle-eyed findings!


  • ‘By Any Means’ (time) – Years (pardon?) changed into cycles!
  • ‘The Brinkmanship’ (US) – We now ‘analyze’ with US spelling.
  • ‘The Curious Incident’ (typos) – 2 minor character glitches sorted.
  • ‘Downed Quixote’ (NPC) – All reference typos about ‘Paulo’ fixed.
  • ‘Education’ (misc) – A typo, one wrong spelling, one time reference corrected.
  • ‘Enemy of the Gate’ (misc) – A few minor typos fixed.
  • ‘Fair Game’ (time) – Months (what?) changed into tenspans!
  • ‘Family Matters’ (misc) – 2 glitches sorted and 1 change to US spelling.
  • ‘Fanning the Flames’ (typo) – Minor fix to avoid any negative ‘judgment’.
  • ‘First Do No Harm’ (misc) – In the ‘underground’, we found some ‘CORETECHS’ typos and fixed those.
  • ‘Fool’s Gold’ (typo) – We’re talking about ‘our guards’ now as intended.
  • ‘From the Ashes’ (typo) – We do not transmit typos, therefore we talk about ‘heirloom’.
  • ‘Fun Gus Among Us’ (typo) – A wrong character disappeared.
  • ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ (typo) – It’s about ‘Centauri’.
  • ‘Hello Stranger’ (gender) – One text passage improved.
  • ‘Hero’s Journey’ (misc) – A little package of one spelling change, a few typos, and 2 time changes into cycles.
  • ‘Holy Work’ (US) – From now on, you ‘inquire’.
  • ‘Honor Among Thieves’ (misc) – One typo and one spelling issue fixed.
  • ‘In the Name of Honor’ (misc) – A collection of a few minor glitches sorted.
  • ‘Journey’s End’ (misc) – We ‘successfully’ fixed a typo and a time reference.
  • ‘Ladybug and the Tramp’ (typo) – We’re ’embarrassed’ that there was an ‘r’ missing!
  • ‘The Lion’s Den’ (time) – ‘Years’ are now forgotten as intended.
  • ‘My Savior’ (typo) – Everything is now ‘labeled’ with US spelling.
  • ‘In the Crossfire’ (typo) – Our text glitch ‘resistance’ worked out 😉
  • ‘On Thin Ice’ (time) – We only know tenspans!
  • ‘Possession’ (NPC) – ‘André’ now has the correct accent mark.
  • ‘Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog’ (misc) – We ‘labeled’ all time references correctly.
  • ‘Riches to Rag-Tag’ (time) – I hope that we won’t see the word ‘year’ again in this cycle!
  • ‘A Rude Awakening’ (time) – A couple of ‘months’ have been culled by ‘tenspans’.
  • ‘Secrets and Servos’ (time) – It’s all about tenspans…
  • ‘Send in the Clones’ (US) – Few words changed to US spelling.
  • ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (time) – Tenspans!
  • ‘Solomon’s Treasures’ (misc) – A lot of ‘c’ fixes for ‘CORETECHS’, ‘Cornelius’, years changes into ‘cycles’, plus a spelling change.
  • ‘Stormbringer’ (misc) – A few minor typos and a time reference have been sorted.


  • Discreet Work (typo) – Unintended apostrophe removed as reported on forums.
  • Side Job (misc) – A typo in ‘Hotel Room Cleaning’ and a time reference have been sorted.
  • Side Job (NPC) – All NPC text references in ‘Ordnance Patrol’ at Taungoo Station are now as intended.
  • Side Job (US) – ‘Cargo Inspections’, ‘Lab Waste Handler’,  ‘Dock Worker’ are now ‘labeled’ properly.
  • Side Job (typo) – ‘Random Security Scans’ is now displaying the complete acronym of ‘CORETECHS’.
  • Side Job (misc) – As a ‘Station Hull Technician’ you’re now using ‘aluminum’ and talking about ‘degrees Celsius’.
  • Side Job (typo) – As a ‘Carnival Participant Counselor’ you’re now ‘counseling’.