Update Changelog 2020-Feb-28

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The new game update contains several detailed improvements for combat and a solution to better recognize if your leave the safety of your hotel room, as discussed with the Citizen Council. Some of your requests and suggestions have been implemented for Private Ships, and—we’re sorry for that—you cannot find out in a sneaky way anymore if a Citizen is inside a Hotel Room or Private Ship anymore.  Read on to see all details.


  • Balancing – The effectiveness of combat dodge and armor skills has been reduced, for better balancing. This change should also improve the reported experience with campaigns being too difficult.
  • Fleeing (text) – If you fail fleeing due to low focus, you’ll now see “You are too fatigued to flee!” instead of “You were too slow to get away!”
  • Fleeing (defeat) – Citizens who attempt to flee in combat in the same round when they get defeated due to low focus will no longer see the “Your escape attempt was unsuccessful” message.
  • Messages (item damage) – Item damage status messages (e.g., “Your item is severely damaged”) are now shown after other round messages, rather than interspersed within the round messages.
  • Start (messages) – Combat no longer creates area messages when a combat is started.
  • Missions (focus) – The consumption of focus now applies properly to mission combat as intended, similar to PvP combat.

Being in a Hotel Room

One topic discussed with your Citizen Council was that some actions done while being in a hotel room made you leave the secure place, sometimes without proper notice. Here are some improvements and changes.

  • A new confirmation is shown at the “current ventures” sidebar when a game link causes you leaving the hotel room.
  • A similar confirmation has been added to the quicklink “get extra ration” in the stats sidebar when you’re in the hotel room.

Improvements for Private Ships

  • Confinement Text – When repairing your ship in the Docks, your status is reflected with “confined to your ship” rather than the old (incorrect) “confined to the Docks” message.
  • Duration Warning – In Shipyard and Docks, the duration for actions like repair/refuel/install locker is now displayed before you start it.
  • Repair Action – Stamina is now being reduced when you repair a ship as intended (sometimes stamina was not consumed).
  • Repair Consistency – Self-repair of ships in the Docks behaves now as intended: a ship can now only be repaired in the docks when you are on board the ship and it is no longer possible to leave your ship whilst repairs are in progress.
  • Repair Feedback – When attempting to repair a ship not at the local Docks, you now get an informative message instead of “something went wrong”.
  • Wording – “Repair” is now “patch up” to better reflect it is a quick workaround below 100% status. “Refurbish” is now called “overhaul”.

Futher Improvements & Changes

  • Discreet Work (link) – When looking at current discreet work under “current ventures”, the “completed missions” link has been removed.
  • Hotel Room (tabs) – When playing in multiple tabs and traveling between stations, once a hotel room is entered in one tab, then clicking on “Disembark at Port” popup in some other tab no longer causes you to leave your hotel room.
  • Job Payment (display) – We now always display the correct amount of credits on job completion which matches your credit log. In some cases a wrong amount was shown in the feedback message.
  • Locating people (sneaky) – It is no longer possible to determine whether another citizen is in a hotel room, or in their ship, by checking for the equipped items text in their character details page.
  • Mission Index Page (Return) – We added a “return to” link to mission index page (current ventures) when you’re not in a mission. This way you can go back to the area from which you opened the mission index page.
  • Public Travel (bonds) – Our system now protects you from accidental doubleclicks when purchasing Quantum Telepheresis and Interstellar Express Shuttle tickets.
  • Syndicate Page (Return) – We added a “return to” link to the page when viewing details of a specific syndicate.