Update Changelog 2020-Dec-31

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

2020 is eventually and inevitably coming to an end. So what better way to say goodbye to this trying year than to finish on a major update for Tau Station?!

As always, some of it will be enjoyable immediately, while part of it will stay invisible for a little longer, as it’s critical for Tau Station’s next step.

Let’s start with the visible changes:

Opening of the Sirius system or, as it is known to its Freebooter masters, the Apples of Discord. It is a hub-like system you can access from Sol Jump Gate. You can find  more information regarding Sirius on our blog.

With this new system come a plethora of new armors and weapons that are only available in Sirius. 68 weapons and 11 armors to be more precise. 

Here a few examples :

New jobs and missions will also be available to explore. In fact, six new missions on Sirius, found on Sirius Jump Gate and House of Congo.

In addition, there is the new seasonal mission: Drone Alone: An Emberfest Caper. You’ll find it on the Spirit of New York City, and it starts in the Sleeping Satellite Lounge with Gunther Sentraperk. 

If you have not yet, do not forget to play the previous Emberfest Mission: Fly Hard: An Emberfest Story on Tau Station, as it’s a precondition and the reward is a nice collectable too!

But that’s not all Sirius has to offer:

On Heinlein Stronghold, you will find a university with new courses.

On House of Congo, a shipyard with a brand new ship for you to buy. 

Speaking of which, allow me to introduce you to The Mantis Class Private Cruiser.

The Mantis Class is a range of vessels discovered intact in the hold of a derelict transport carrier adrift on the edges of the Sol System. These sleek cruisers boast far greater range than a private shuttle,  but while slower than a Razorback, it is also significantly cheaper. 


Combat version 2.0 is in. While we still have some work to do on combat, we hope you will appreciate the current improvement. As always please feel free to share feedback so that together we can maximize the fun!

And also do not forget to play on landscape mode wherever possible. While it might feel counter-intuitive at the time, this is the direction that we are taking for Tau Station. Therefore, next year, expect everything to be 10 times better in landscape mode.


For the past 4 years, with your support, our focus has been on gameplay and quality missions. As we are preparing the launch of Tau Station in 2021, in addition to the aesthetic that we have already shared with you,  we need to improve the citizen’s journey and spend some time on balancing. 

One of the first steps in this direction is, with this update, the change of station and mission levels. This change will allow us to smooth progression between levels and will allow us to add 6 new systems. 6 new systems in the first quarter of 2021. Of course, that means new jobs, new weapons and armors, new university courses, new ships and so on.

Oh and did I tell you that we will open tier 6 in the first trimester of 2021?


Ok I have started to talk about 2021, therefore you are probably wondering what to expect. While I am not going to detail our road map, let’s say that you can expect the following:

  • New systems
  • Opening of tiers 6
  • Balancing
  • New design implementation
  • Music
  • More work on combat
  • Crafting version 1
  • More Missions

On this positive note, I will wish everyone a very festive Emberfest. And please stay safe.