Update Changelog 2020-Dec-02

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Dear Citizen,

This update, is very precious to us and I really hope it will bring you a beautiful smile. There is so much work behind it. Not everything will be obvious to you, hopefully, but one of the core element is the release of version 1 of interactive combat. We are really looking forward to your feedback and will add it to the other functionalities we are currently working on.

Oh, one more thing, maybe you want to consider playing combat horizontally, as in 2021 everything will be better this way 🙂

New Combat, New Courses, Audio

  • Audio Control – Independent music and sound effect controls can be found at the bottom of the combat UI.
  • New Courses – ‘Agile Combat 1’ and ‘Agile Combat 2’ are now available at  the Université on Nouveau Limoges. These new courses will give you a chance to choose between long-range and short-range during combat.

New missions

  • ‘Paper Thin Lies’ – A level 13 mission on L 726-8 Jump Gate with no further preconditions.
  • ‘Paper Town’ – A level 13 mission on L 726-8 Jump Gate which requires ‘Paper Thin Lies’.
  • ‘Trophy Wife’ – A level 17 mission on Asimov Freehold with no further preconditions.

Friend invitation link

All Citizens now have their own, unique “player referral links”. Yours is now available on your character details page. You will receive an in-game email once someone joined Tau Station via your invitation link. – Invite your friends to share and grow the joy we all have!

Various Improvements

  • Help page – The list of Community projects has been renamed, but also enriched by adding TauManager and Tau Station Notebook.
  • Acknowledgement Page – We’ve updated our team list.
  • Default Avatar – Updated images for the standard placeholder avatar.
  • Syndicate History – The page is responding faster now when a lot of data is in your team’s log.
  • Citizen Council – The Citizen Council page and the CC forum are now public and can be read without the need of being logged-in.
  • Forums – The URLs of the forums have been updated. Main forum can now be accessed via /coretechs/forum, the CC forum is under /coretechs/citizen-council/forum, and your dedicated syndicate forum can be found via /coretechs/syndicate/forum.
  • ‘Shadow in the Dark’ – We changed the call rejection location for this mission which takes place at Caen Stronghold (Barnard’s Star).
  • Market stalls have been restocked, so there should no longer be any stations that do not have weapons and armor for sale.
  • Repairing armor and weapons with very minor damage should now work as expected.
  • “Abort discreet work” now confirms the action, to avoid harmful mis-clicks.
  • New avatars for 17 existing NPCs.

Based on your feedback on the forums, in chat or via report, the team sorted various typos, improved details of a few missions/Side Jobs, updated the local shuttles area description and a few text details in the archive. Thanks to everyone who informed us!