Update Changelog 2019-Oct-30

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s update adds a new card to the Citizen Council page, showing all candidates for the next election. As a bonus, there are also various other changes which made it into the game earlier than planned. There’s further combat balancing improvements for armor, reputation, skills and focus, and also some mission fixes. Finally, a special gift has been sent to all Citizens who were active during the last tenspan!

A Special Gift for active Citizens

Every Citizen who was active during the last tenspan (10 days) just received an item from the Consortium: a free VIP pack for 28 days!

4 blue Consortium flags in the background. A huge VIP pack is in front of them, in big letters 28 states the duration in days. On a blue ribbon, the slogan states "Special Gift For Active Citizens". The icon for being "genetically bound" indicates that the pack is not tradeable.

Citizen Council Update

Very soon you’ll be able to elect your Community representatives for the new Council. The promotion phase has now started and so we’ve expanded the Citizen Countil section in your CORETECHS with a new (temporary) page showing all the candidates for the next election.

Please note that we’ve slightly adapted the schedule to ensure we have 14 days for the promotion phase as intended. The election will start right afterwards, lasting 7 days.

  • End of Promotion Phase: 203.84/00:000 GCT (Nov-12 GMT, end of day )
  • Start of Election: 203.84/00:000 GCT (Nov-13 GMT)
  • End of Election: 203.91/00:000 GCT  (Nov-19 GMT, end of day )

Combat & Campaigns

  • Combat Balancing (armor) – The effect of armor defense in combat has been improved. We’ll share a blog soon with more insights into the current process of polishing, improving and rebalancing combat.
  • Combat Balancing (focus) – The combat effect of focus has been changed, so you will hit more often now (reducing the miss rates of the past).
  • Combat Balancing (skills) – The effect of the combat skills has been updated too.
  • Reputation (attacks) – Local reputation is now decreased based on how many combats have been started with the same opponent, rather than how many attacks were made on the opponent.
  • Syndicate Campaigns (tech) – The process at the end has been improved to prevent rare occasional failures when handing out personal loot at the end.

Improvements & Changes

  • Current Ventures (links) – The various links presented in Current Ventures have been reworked. This resolves a rare situation of stopping your career and not having the ‘find mission’ link until you start a new career.
  • Discreet Work (limitation) – The amount of Discreet Work per hour has been limited.
  • Encumbrance  (travelling) – Citizens who exhaust their stats by traveling while encumbered will now always be sent to the Sick Bay, whether they are partially or fully encumbered.
  • Item Pictures (new) – The Well-Worn Machete (tier 5) and the Worn Carbon Nunchaku (tier 1) have new -better matching- images.
  • Mission (A Rude Awakening) – The mission that starts on Tau Station and includes some travelling. 2 paths on København with NPC Maximillion now continue properly as intended.
  • Mission (Wreck it Iwo) – A summary posted on the forums has been processed by the team, fixing two typos, changing some time references into our metric system, along with some logic improvements.
  • Prices (local) – Prices based on station economic activity will no longer be zero.
  • Stims (names) – Stim names now match their tier.
  • Technical (cache) – A technical change has been applied that reduces the chance of request failures caused by issues with cache.
  • University (courses) – Unexpected failures in course completion should be fixed, with team notified in case of any future unexpected failures.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Area Descriptions (various) – Some minor typos fixed on København Market, and in the following areas on Nouveau Limoges: Discreet Work, Government Center, Bar, and Lounge.
  • Mission (Prologue) – A single character glitch has been removed.
  • Side Job (typo) – A “d” instead of “t” and “Visa Inspection” is again a nice Side Job to be.