Update Changelog 2019-Nov-28

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Today’s game update adds 7 new University courses, and there are more to come! The new feature Genotype Food grants various bonus effects, depending on the genotype consuming it. As requested by your Citizen Council, the item pools of tier 4 and tier 5 have been extended by nearly 60 items. Part of this game update is also some combat balancing again, and on the forums, every post has a dedicated URL again. Read on to see all update details…

Citizen Council

The election is over, the basic results were shared with you last week. With this update, we deactivated the candidate list. Please note that the members page still shows the first Council, because the decisions about positions are pending. This will happen soon: once the new Council members have signed their NDAs, the Chairman Dotsent will organize the first constitutional meeting in order to elect their board. Our dev team will update the member page with a future update afterwards.

7 New Courses

Several new University courses have been added, and there is more to come in the future…

  • Crafting: ‘Introduction to Crafting’ is now available at Cape Verde Technical Academy. – It unlocks access to upcoming crafting courses.
  • Explosives: 3 new Combat Explosives courses available from the University on Spirit of Botswana. – Grenades are coming soon!
  • Introduction to Electronics: This course is offered at Universities on Tau Station and Spirit of Botswana. It unlocks future electronics courses and improves chances of enabling/disabling security cameras.
  • Item Repair: With ‘Item Repair 4’ and ‘Item Repair 5’, 2 new courses for faster self-repair of items, are available from Universities at Tau Station and Nouveau Limoges.

New Items & Image Updates

As promised, a first batch of tier 4 and tier 5 gear has been added to support high-level Citizens with a bigger item pool, which is important for combat. Items that are sold on market stalls got redistributed as we have a bigger pool now. – Furthermore, we present the new Genotype Food!

New Feature: Genotype Food

  • Select vendors across the stars now offer foods that are designed to offer specific boosts to various genotypes.
    • Boosts for the genotype primary stat will temporarily grant a large increase in that stat.
    • Boosts for the genotype secondary stat will temporarily grant a small increase in that stat.
    • Boosts for the genotype weakness stat will temporarily remove the training malus for that stat.
  • Baselines do not have genotype-specific foods, but they can take any genotype food and get half benefit (except for the weakness foods, where they’ll get no benefit).
  • Other genotypes will gain no benefit from eating another genotype’s food.

38 New Weapons

19 New Armor

5 Gear Image Updates + VIP packs

Several item images have been updated. Besides 5 weapons, your VIP packs now also indicate their duration on the picture itself (example: 28 days pack).

Combat (Balancing)

  • Armor is now slightly stronger against similar-power weapons
  • Armor effectiveness now scales more smoothly against lower-power weapons. In other words, having armor that is more powerful than the opponent’s weapon will no longer almost guarantee a combat victory.
  • Campaigns (combat bonus) – Combat effectiveness in campaigns has been increased.
  • Syndicates (XP) – Syndicate XP gain due to combat was too high due to a bug, and has been reduced. Syndicates now get XP gain when a member gains XP in missions, and in other activities.

Improvements & Changes

  • Emergency Shuttles (price) – The price has been modified to remove a sneaky shortcut for low level Citizens. It turned out that low level players who managed to get to very high level stations would find emergency shuttles to Tau Station cheaper than traveling by normal shuttle.
  • Forum – As requested, every post has a dedicated link again. The comment’s title is now a link for the according comment post.
  • Side Jobs (message) – A bug got fixed that showed a wrong message. No the game won’t indicate a successful job completion, if the job was actually failed at the finish step.
  • Tutorial Mission (career) – Citizens who picked a career before the tutorial mission asked for it, won’t be stuck (for some time) in the prologue anymore.
  • Tutorial Mission (VIP) – The 3 days VIP pack every new Citizen receives as reward for tutorial mission, is now a genetically bound item as intended.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Area Description (typo) – A typo in the Residence text on Daedalus has been resolved.
  • Side Job (typo) – There is nothing to “bleat” about the ”Customer Service” on Daedalus station anymore 🙂
  • Training Message (travelling) – A text glitch was fixed for a constellation when training intelligence (genotype specific attribute) while traveling and while inside hotel room.