Update Changelog 2019-Mar-19

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The latest release updates the Citizen Council page, presenting the recent election results. As requested, a bond log is now available in your information panel, there are 2 new missions and a batch of 30 items has new artwork. When buying from NPC Vendors, all adjustments to the final price are displayed (with reasons) before performing a transaction. University course enrollment is shown on the main University page so this important detail is now visible on first sight (no longer only on the class detail pages). Last but not least: Bodyguards have arrived! Check out the nearest Security area.

Citizen Council: Election results

Thanks to all 12 candidates and all Citizens who participated in the first Council elections last Friday. The dedicated page in your CORETECHS has been updated, showing the final results. The Community elected moritz to become the first Chairman, congratulations!

The council members have to elect their board in their first meeting which will be prepared (soon) by the Chairman, moritz. One part of the meeting will be a decision/voting about a deuce in rank 9 as the Community institution has “only” 9 seats. With the role of “alternatives”, all candidates  who didn’t become one of the 9 members will still be able to work for the Council as they will fill in for members who cannot attend a meeting. You’ll find all details in our former blog.

Result screenshot of the CORETECHS page, the ranking is with votes in brackets: 1. moritz (27), 2. Dotsent (11), 3. Ortis (9), 3. Geno-Asterkin (9), 5. Geoff (8), 6. Suryavarman-III (7), 6. Shadow (7), 8. Xierumeng (6), 9. AndreaEntangle (3), 9. quasidart (3), 11. Anthony-Wang (2), 12. ceej (1)

New Missions & Mission Changes

  • New Mission ‘Clone of Contention’ (level 16) on Spirit of Tianjin, part of system L 726-8. ‘Trade Secrets’ as further precondition.
  • New Mission ‘Shadow in the Dark’ (level 14) on Caen Stronghold, part of the Barnard’s Star system. 2 missions need to be solved before: ‘Damsel in the Dark’ and ‘Ghosts in the Machine’.
  • ‘Trade Secrets’ (similarity) – Two steps in the mission while talking with PJ Kruger sounded a bit similar which could cause confusion. This has been resolved by improving the texts.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Bodyguards can be hired from Security area.
  • Info Panel (Bond Log) – As requested by you, a log about your recent bond balance changes is now available, similar to the credit logs.
  • Inventory (Mods) – The mod display has been removed until this feature gets implemented in the future.
  • Missions (Remove History) – The option to remove/clear the mission history has been removed.
  • Picture (Charged Tonfa) – The weapon picture has been replaced with a brighter version as it had very low contrast on the inventory background.
  • Pop-Ups (Position) – Pop-ups show up in position and don’t scroll the page.
  • Profile Page (Return Button) – The return button was brought back to your profile page to open the area page of your current position again.
  • Return Button (Visitor) – The return button is not shown anymore when someone is not logged in.
  • Syndicate (Clone Link) – A clone link was shown if a member has at least one clone; this has been removed as it opened the details of your own clone.
  • Syndicate (Forum Link) – The forum link to your Syndicate’s forum now stands out more.
  • Syndicate (List) – The column spacing in the Syndicate list has been updated.
  • Syndicate ( Campaign) – Addressed an issue causing syndicate campaign not to complete correctly.
  • University (Active Course) – If you are enrolled to a course, this fact is displayed on the main University page and not only on the detail page of classes you can take.
  • Vendors (Price Modifiers) – When buying from NPC Vendors, all impacts on the final price are shown with according reasons before you perform the transaction. But also means a lot less messages (more to come on this front).
  • Side Jobs, missions, and discreet work older than 15 ays are now automatically terminated. Citizen will receive an “event” notifying them of the termination.

30x New Item Artwork

Again, a batch of new pictures has been added, giving a unique look to 7 weapons and 23 armor items, removing the former placeholder pictures.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Item (Kukri) – The weapon’s description has been updated to better match the picture.
  • Item (Old Sword) – A tiny grammar change has been done in the description.
  • NPC (Jada Perez) – A mission word has been added to the character description of Jada Perez whom you can meet at the Bar on Cape Verde Stronghold.
  • Side Job (Taungoo) – A wrong char was removed; now it’s “ordnance (patrol)” as intended.
  • Station (YZ Ceti Jump Gate) – The team fixed 6 typos in area descriptions or texts of NPCs, as reported on the forums (thx!).
  • Time References (various) – The team processed your handy forum summaries about pre-cat time references like “minutes”, “hours”, “weeks”, “months” or “years” in various texts like area descriptions or NPC texts.