Update Changelog 2019-Jul-01

Tau Station update changelog

After the huge update last week, we present you today several detail changes and improvements. Thanks for your feedback!


  • Feedback – The information about throwing away a ticket is now only shown when you really had one.
  • New Pop-Ups – There are new pop-ups in place; one for catching a public shuttle and another one when missing it.
  • Tickets – Valid tickets don’t get a wrong message about being invalid anymore.


  • Connection – Your chat connection stays alive much longer in case you are inactive for some time, but keep your game window open.
  • Feedback – The message when connection is lost has been improved.
  • Performance – We applied some technical changes that avoid false-alarm issues with certain anti-virus software previously blocking chat. Furthermore, the updated infrastructure leads to a better performance, because browsers can process requests faster now.

Further Improvements & Changes

  • Archive (travel) – The travel pages now also contain Moissan Station (Alpha Centauri) and Taungoo Station (Sol system).
  • Cinema – The cinema moved to CORETECHS (full screen mode) and a new design has been applied.
  • Citizen Council – The Citizen Council moved to CORETECHS (full screen mode) and the design got updated.
  • Employment Center (career page) – The list of available tasks now reflects the current situation at your local station, following the dynamics of a living world (see blog post). Thus, you see all tasks you can currently perform. In case you run out of focus, the page informs accordingly.
  • Help page – When clicking on the help icon, the help page which contains the list of fan sites and more, now works as intended again.
  • Training (feedback) – Social and intelligence training injury messages are now customized.