Update Changelog 2019-Feb-28

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

We conclude February 2019 with a big new update for you! Alongside 2 brand new missions, a batch of 40 new exclusive epic items and also 22 artwork updates, you’ll find an additional section in the CORETECHS for the Citizen Council. There are also new side jobs, 2 Jump Gates were expanded with an Embassy and as usual, many of your forum reports has been taken care of (thank you!). Read on to see all details about the new game version.

New Features

  • CORETECHS (Citizen Council) – A new section will be used for the Citizen Council who will work for the Community. For the next 2 weeks, you can see the promotion of the 12 candidates here.
  • Items (40 epics) – 40 new epic items have been added as syndicate campaign rewards. They are only available as syndicate campaign rewards.
  • New Mission ‘Trade Secrets’ (level 15) on Spirit of Tianjin, part of L 726-8 system; ‘My Savior’ mission as precondition.
  • New Mission ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ (level 14) on Caen Stronghold, part of Barnard’s Star; precondition missions are ‘The Brinkmanship’ and ‘The Damsel in the Dark’.

Mission Changes

  • ‘Damsel at the Dark’ (area) – Amended a mission step to incorporate the moving of the Embassies (see below).
  • ‘Enemy of the Gate’ (dead end) – Fixed dead end in initial encounter with Dorian for this mission at Barnard’s Star Jump Gate.
  • ‘She sells Space Shells’ (stat rolls) – The game feedback has been improved during a conversation with Tania Lish to underline stat roll. This resolves a potential feeling of being stuck in that mission in case an attempt fails.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Area Headings (changes) – The area heading has been restructured to save space by avoiding duplication; they now include only the location while the station and system are shown below.
  • Career (messages) – Trying to start a new career while you already have one active, no longer gives you double messages.
  • Combat (double click) – An issue has been resolved that occurred when accidentally double-clicking on the “Attack” button. When the first attack already defeated the opponent, the double click issue put the attacker into the brig and the defender was not sent to the Sick Bay. Now a double click won’t cause that issue anymore.
  • Embassy (changes) – All systems apart from Sol now have a Gaule Embassy on the Jump Gate. As a side effect, the Embassies on Spirit of Botswana and Spirit of Tianjin have closed down and moved to the local Jump Gates.
  • Side Job (credits) – ‘Deep Dish maintenance’ on Spirit of New York City (YZ Ceti) now gives credit payment.
  • Side Jobs (new) – We added 2 new side jobs on Spirit of New York City (YZ Ceti): ‘Panoramic Panel Cleaner’ & ‘Gym Attendant’.
  • Vendors (added) – You can now trade with NPC vendors in YZ Ceti.

New 3D artwork for 22 items

The artwork for 22 short range weapons has been updated, replacing some standard placeholder pictures with new 3D images.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Archive (Caen Stronghold) – A missing character has been added to ‘Gaule’.
  • Archive (Gaule) – The article has been updated to resolve a typo and a grammar issue.
  • Area Description (Jump Gates) – New area texts have been added for Inn, Bar, Lounge & Hotel at the Jump Gates of the Sol and YZ Ceti system.
  • Area Descriptions (Orwell Stronghold) – A new area explanation is in place for the Shipyard, but we also fixed a few small typos as reported on the forums.
  • Area Descriptions (Spirit of Tianjin) – 3 typos reported for the Decommissioned Area and the Ruins will never be seen again 🙂
  • Area Name (Taungoo) – A missing character in the detail name of the Gov’t Center has been added; it now states “Taungoo Administration Building…” as intended.
  • Area Tutorial (Shipyard) – The help text now also describes the feature of seeking shelter in private ships as an alternative to Hotel Rooms.
  • Courses (typo) – Fixed the “sligthly” typo in course descriptions for ‘Basic Navigation Systems’, ‘ Basic Ship Engines’, ‘Basic Ship Hull Maintenance’, and ‘Basic Ship Life Support Maintenance’.
  • Item (Heavy Dō-Maru) – The item now shows the correct special character.
  • Item (Scabbard) – The weapon has been renamed to ‘Cadet’s Epee’.
  • Mission ‘My Savior’ (various) – 4 typos reported on forums are gone now.
  • NPC (name) – ‘Pavelu Marcio’ whom you can encounter at the Cloning Facility of YZ Ceti Jump Gate has the correct name in the character description as well.
  • Side Job (various) – We fixed typos but also improved some content layouts for a ‘nurse’ side job at YZ Ceti Jump Gate.
  • Station (Caen Stronghold) – A forum summary of various smaller typos in area descriptions or NPCs has been taken care of (thx, Shadow).
  • Station (L 726-8 Jump Gate) – We took care for another forum summary provided by Shadow, fixing some typos in areas, on NPCs and Side Jobs.