Update Changelog 2019-Dec-23

Tau Station update changelog

Before the “year 2019” ends, we’re happy to share another game update with you. The Citizen Council member page now shows your new Community representatives. Feature wise, there are new courses, private ships can now have storage lockers installed, several improvements have been added for combat and Syndicate campaigns, and a batch of new items extends the campaign reward pool.

New Features & Functions

  • Courses (explosives) – Advanced Combat Explosives now available on Spirit of Botswana.
  • Courses (trading) – New trading courses are available at Universities on Moissan Station, Nouveau Limoges, Spirit of Botswana and Tau Station. These courses enable and expand upcoming direct trading system.
  • Ships (lockers) – Private ships can now have a storage locker installed.

Combat & Syndicate Campaigns

  • Combat (balancing) – The effect of stats on combat is now slightly greater. Combat with opponents that have much higher stats should be more challenging.
  • Combat (faster) – Combat should be marginally faster.
  • Combat (flee) – Resolved an issue when trying to flee from an instanced character.
  • Combat (handguns) – Handgun hit chance is now correct in short range, rather than getting the out-of-range malus. This resolves an issue with handguns missing too often.
  • Syndicate Campaigns (new items) – 23 weapons added to the pool of campaign rewards (see below).
  • Syndicate Campaigns (item stats) – Syndicate Campaign reward items have all been reviewed and have all had accuracy and damage/defence stats updated. More items now have a stronger leaning towards a specific damage type.

New Items

New Vendor Items

Epic Long Range Weapons for Campaigns

Epic Short Range Weapons for Campaigns

Improvements & Changes

  • Citizen Council (members) – The members page now reflects your second Council!
  • E-Mails (group mails) – Sending syndicate (or Citizen Council) mails now works markdown format properly, similar to private mails.
  • Lockers (faster) – Station & syndicate locker pages are now generated more quickly.
  • Market (faster) – The Public Market page should now be generated more quickly.
  • Shipping Bay (faster) – The page creation is now faster.
  • Storage Management (escape) – You can now close storage popups by hitting escape like it worked for other popups already.
  • Storage Management (transit) – An issue with the ‘load more’ button on the page ‘items ins transit’ has been fixed.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Motivation texts (few) – Some typos in training motivations for Mall genotype are gone.
  • Items (descriptions) – We improved some descriptions of newly added items.

While it cannot be seen yet, a lot of work has been put into combat and UI. Some of the future changes will be revealed in one of our next blog posts, therefore stay tuned!