Update Changelog 2019-Apr-18

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Citizens of Tau Station, welcome to your latest game update! Latest goodies include two new missions, UI improvements in the form of revamped feedback messages, and lots of new item art. Read on for a full account!

New Missions in system L 726-8

  • ‘Family Matters’ (level 13) at the Jump Gate; no further preconditions.
  • ‘The Curious Incident’ (level 13) at the Market on Orwell Stronghold; no further preconditions.

New Features

  • Feedback Pop-Ups – More than 30 actions and events now result in a brand new pop-up message. These include art and replace the previous, simple text messages. As well as improving info about what happened, some of the new windows also contain useful background information. Please note that popups are not complete however; more changes will follow!
  • New Status Icons – The information panel has been expanded. 3 new icons are now displayed next to your avatar when you have VIP status, a valid VISA, or active Bodyguard protection.
  • University Courses – A “Manufacturing” degree program is now available at YZ Ceti University.

(New) Pictures

  • New Artwork – 24 special items (e.g. from discreet work), have new pictures now, replacing the former place holders. We’ll share details soon šŸ™‚
  • Picture Change – The uncommon tier 2 weapon “Charged Tonfa” has a new image.

Messaging Rework

The team reviewed many messages and notifications. We wanted to offer more precise feedback and useful context info. As a result, many changes have been applied, including the new feedback pop-ups mentioned above.

  • Bodyguards (Hostile Attack) – If you get attacked while being protected by a Bodyguard, you no longer receive Bodyguard messages, but still the event notification.
  • Bodyguards (Hotel Room) – The misleading ‘You left the hotel room’ message is not shown anymore after being extracted to a hotel room by your Sentinel.
  • Careers (Feedback) – New popups are shown on career start, resume, quit and promotion.
  • Career Salary (Silenced) – You don’t get event notifications and text messages about career salary anymore as it has become part of the credit (and bond) logs.
  • Dangerous Stations (Warning) – We replaced the dangerous station text warning with a more prominent popup.
  • Lounge (Buying Round) – The message for “buy a round” has been updated and it’s no longer shown if stat or focus are too low.
  • Messages (Removals) – Various unnecessary messages have been removed or replaced by the new feedback pop-ups (see above). All unnecessary “item has been removed from your inventory” messages have been dropped.
  • Messages (Reworked) – Several narrative messages have been improved, e.g. when confined to Sick Bay, respawning in a clone or repairing items.
  • Shuttle Countdown (Destination) – The destination station name is now shown in shuttle ticket countdown timer.
  • VISA (Renewal) – The extra “You renewed your visa” message has been removed. It’s now more compact stating “Your Gaule visa has been renewed until 201.75/ GCT.”.

Career Improvements

  • Current – The “current career” link in the sidebar now moves you to the Employment Center instead of the old career page.
  • Pages – Career tasks and career ranks for current career are now split into separate pages with links from Employment Center.
  • Pausing – The wording of the button has been changed (“pause”) to better explain you can continue where you left off later. Pausing a career now has a confirmation dialog.
  • Redirection – You’ll now get redirected to the Job Center after you quit (actually paused) your career.
  • Tasks – The career tasks page has task grouped by current difficulty to improve clarity.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Bodyguards (Sentinels) – Replacement Sentinels get new stats.
  • Citizen Council (Update) – The CORETECHS page has been updated; it now shows the Council board with an option to get in touch with them. Furthermore a new dedicated forum is in place now for discussions etc.
  • Clone Respawn (Layout) – The layout of respawning has been improved to use all space, also adding a new image.
  • Help Page (Discord) – We added the Community Discord channel to the help page; it’s now part of the “list of useful fan sites”.
  • Login (Improvements) – Some rare login problems experienced by some players have been fixed.
  • Travelling (Distances) – Fixed some distance issues in Interstellar Shuttles.
  • Unconscious (Layout) – When you’re unconscious, you’ll see the area’s layout/background instead of a plain page.
  • University (Courses) – Courses marked as “coming soon” are no longer displayed to avoid confusion and to achieve a better overview about what you can learn.

Text Changes & Additions

  • Bodyguards (typos) – A typo in the description of the Warden and Escort has been resolved.
  • Item (Affiliations) – The descriptions of the two handguns G-TS68 and Sorrow-C1 have been updated to reflect the correct affiliation info.
  • Item (typo) – Some Community members are ‘specialized’ on spotting even the tiniest typos (thanks). As a result, the epic Kestrel Minority Field Vest uses the correct writing of this word, too.
  • Item (word) – Details are important to us! A missing ‘to’ has been added to the description text of the Sniper Rifle Alpine 1NK.
  • Mission (reference) – A small rephrasing has been done for ‘The Crossing’ in order not to refer to earth.
  • Mission (times) – References to old earth time have been replaced with our metric GCT system in the mission ‘Untamed Menagerie’ on Spirit of Botswana. FurthermoreĀ  a reference to millennia has been rephrased in the mission ‘The Beast of Bordeaux’ on Bordeaux station.
  • NPC (name) – The NPC’s name ‘Marisa’ on Bordeaux station is now always written with only one ‘s’.
  • NPC (description) – A typo in Jonas’ description has been corrected.