Update Changelog 2018-Sep-27

Tau Station update changelog

A new system awaits fearless adventurers: visit Barnard’s Star which comes with 5 stations, 2 new missions (there’s more to come!) and a lot to find out. On top to this huge universe extension, Syndicates get a couple of new things: you can check the basic member and storage history now, unlock a private “members-only” forum, use the notes function to inform your team, and more. More than 3 dozen of items received shiny new artwork. Read on to see all details of today’s new game version.

New System: Barnard’s Star

A new system opens its jump gate 🙂 for you: Barnard’s Star contains 5 new stations, jobs, missions and more to find out for you.  This is the start of the new system, you can expect a bunch of further missions and more with the upcoming updates!

  • New Station: Barnard’s Star Jump Gate (level 10).
  • New Station: Caen Stronghold (level 11).
  • New Station: Hopkin’s Legacy (level 11).
  • New Station: Estación de Amazon (level 12).
  • New Station: The Maid of Orléans (level 12).
  • New Mission “Hello Stranger” (level 10) at the Jump Gate.
  • New Mission “The Crossing” (level 10) at the Jump Gate.
  • New artwork for Gov’t Centers, reflecting the (new) local authorities.
  • More to find out for you…


  • Forums (Members Only) – Every syndicate unlocks a private forum when reaching (or exceeding) level 4. Alternatively, you acquire it earlier for 1000 bonds. The forum acquisition requires a confirmation. You can define a forum title. The new option and access to such a private member forum is located in the info page of your syndicate (CORETECHS).
  • History (Members & Storage) – The log is now available for basic member actions (e.g. joining and leaving) and storage activities. Sorting options will add more comfort later.
  • Management (Ship Repair) – You can now manage your syndicate while performing Ship Repairs as intended.
  • New Stims – New “military grade” stim packs have been added. You will be able to acquire these rare consumables in the upcoming Syndicate Campaigns or as premium items from vendors. They will impact 4 up to 5 stats, giving less toxicity compared to standard versions.
  • Notes (Members) – Every syndicate member can now enter a short note (100 chars max.), e.g. to inform the team about an absence. You can modify and see these short status messages in the member list of your syndicate. A checkbox determines if your note is shown to all members or officers only.

38 Artwork Additions (tier)

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Combat (Stuck) – Entering your ship while being confined to the brig due to combat lead to a feedback issue. You were told you were on your ship and could never leave, because of brig confinement. This has been resolved.
  • Confirmations (Various) – Confirmation dialogues have been added if you spend more than 500 bonds. Emergency shuttles and bond to credit conversions in the bank will now always require your confirmation. Please note: similar confirmations for spending syndicate bonds will be part of a future update.
  • NPC Vendors (Goods) – Several NPC vendors didn’t offer high-quality items. This has been changed to give you all kinds of supply needed, no matter which station you are on.

Text Changes

  • Gov’t Center (VIP Service) – A typo in the new description text for the VIP Service has been corrected.