Update Changelog 2018-Sep-19

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Another week, another game update. Barnard’s Star is coming closer and for today, the new version is again full of details changes, improvements and fixes. We’re proud about our clever community, yet some modifications had to be done regarding upcoming stations; sorry ?. Read on to see all details.

Changes regarding Upcoming Stations

  • Missions – “Stations of interest” in “Find a Mission” now only includes stations that can be accessed by citizens (sorry, no spoiler anymore).
  • Sending items – You can send items only to active stations that people can enter, but not to upcoming places beforehand anymore as no one can pick them up.
  • Traveling – You can only travel to stations that are available, no matter if using a public shuttle, fast shuttle or private ship (closing “trojan travel worm holes” sorry ^^).

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Inventory (Rarities) – The rarity of items in your inventory is now indicated for all items properly, just as you should see from the vendors (a few didn’t show the epic frame).
  • Item (3D Artwork) – The common armor item Light Spidersilk Flak Jacket (tier 2) has new unique artwork now.
  • Private Ships (Locations) – We no longer show the location of ships not docked at the current station to protect information about where a citizen might be.
  • Public Market (Shipping) – When you buy items from the local Public Market, the item goes instantly to your inventory without any shipping needed. Thus, we removed shipping history records for such local acquisitions as there is no shipping happening.
  • Ruins (Looking for Trouble) – During combat, the stat reduction messages will always be displayed in the same order to provide better status feedback.
  • Skill (Jump Gate Navigation) – All captains will get the correct speed bonus now when traveling through jump gates in private ships.
  • Mission “Absolute Power” (Stuck) – One path leading to a dead-end has been corrected that you can now finish the mission in this variation too.

Text Changes

  • Item (Harold’s Jacket) – The description text now properly describes the name patch being on the right breast, as reported on the forums.
  • Item (Juliette a Menti) – A tiny typo has been corrected with the change of “phase” into “phrase”. Thanks for the forum report!
  • Mission “Fashion Victim” (Dialogue) – A statement you do after convincing Dr. Briggs is now shown as a speech bubble as intended.
  • Mission “First do no Harm” (Inn) – Changed a narrative Inn reference as the station where it takes place (Sol Jump Gate) doesn’t have a public Inn area.
  • Mission “First do no Harm” (Typos) – A word duplication of “cluster” has been removed, a missing character added to “Gaule”.
  • Mission “Freedom for the press” (Goals) – Streamlined they way you are mentioned in three goal descriptions.
  • Mission “Possessed” (NPC) – The NPC’s name is now “Darian” everywhere as intended and not Darien anymore 🙂
  • Missions, various (Minor) – A few minor typos have been corrected in the Missions “Downed Quixote”, “Moemedi More Problems”, “The Lost Children”.