Update Changelog 2018-Sep-12

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

A new management role and storage for Syndicates have been added to the game. New 3D artwork for armor items is in place, the duration of travels with public express shuttles is now exposed and a few more detail changes are in place for you this week. Read on to see all details about this content update.


  • Recruitment – The level requirement option for applicants has been changed. You no longer see “any level” and minimum “level 1” as it is representing the same criteria. The default option for minimum level is “1”.
  • New Role – “Inventory Management” has been added. It empowers syndicate members to take items our of the new syndicate storage (see below).
  • New Storage – Alliances can now get their own (insecure) storage which can be found at the Ruins of your alliance’s default station. Every member can donate items and the space can be extended by those who own the money management role.
  • Insecurity (soon) – What does insecure storage mean? Right now, it is safe, but this will change when we add syndicate raids. With the introduction of buildings, your alliance will be able to build safe storage facilities. Citizens will be warned of the change in advance.
  • Storage History (soon) – A syndicate storage history will be added soon to provide transparency about item donations and usage.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Gov’t Center (Affiliation) – On top to the level information about the station, law and Orwellian situation, the station stats display now also labels the local authorities (e.g. “Consortium” on Tau Station).
  • Hotel Rooms (Combat) – You cannot enter a Hotel Room while under attack/in combat. A relevant status message is shown to explain this clearly.
  • Port (Express Shuttles) – The GCT duration of flights has been added to the Express Shuttle list as this information is important to save time.

New 3D artwork for items

The artwork of the following armor items has been updated, exchanging the standard placeholder pictures with new 3D images: Burnished Scale Mail, Disco CatsuitHarold’s JacketLight Diffusion Jump SuitLight Flak JacketLight Scale MailLight Thermoplastic Suit, and Musty Leather Robes.

Text Changes

  • Archives (Clones) – The topic about Clones in the CORETECHS Archive does now refer to cycles to properly match Tau Station’s GC time system.
  • Item (Ragged Bomber Jacket) – A typo in the description text of the Ragged Bomber Jacket has been fixed as reported on the forums.