Update Changelog 2018-Sep-05

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

This week’s update is about several detail improvements and changes. Among other things, syndicates now have public profile pages that list all members. We added another useful fan tool for GCT time conversion, pointers to the help page and corrected the link of the Tau Station fan Wiki. A brand new mission is available for you as well (level 5+)!


  • Member List – The member list now appears “sorted”, syndicate officers starting with leader, followed by non-officers sorted alphabetically.
  • Profile Pages – Every Syndicate now has a public profile page that also lists all members.
  • Settings – You can now modify the basic settings. An “edit” button has been added to the info section that allows members with the requisite rights to modify the description text, and apply entry requirements of genotype and minimum level.

New Mission

  • “First do no Harm” (level 5) is available at Sol Jump Gate which is part of the Sol system (what a coincidence ^^).

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Chat (Stability) – When switching channels, an issue could cause the chat to stop working. This has been resolved.
  • Help Page (Fan Sites) – The link to the fan Wiki has been corrected, and we added the new alert and GCT conversion tool which is based on the site created by Zoffix in the past (thanks to everyone involved!).
  • Internet Explorer (Caching) – A caching method of (older) IE versions caused displaying outdated data like having people listed in the people tab of the wrong area. This has been hot-fixed already. Please use the latest browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge or Safari as we focus on the current versions of the most popular browsers. Thanks!
  • Loot Tables (Combat Suits) – An issue has been resolved with an item you could find which was supposed to be a combat suit, but that could not be equipped. It has been replaced in the loot tables for drops with a properly working¬† item. All broken items that already had been found, have been replaced in the inventories/storages as well.
  • Navigation (Sorting) – Now all areas are (finally) sorted in alphabetical order.

Text Changes

  • Discreet Work (Typo) – Corrected a character (for “some time” “sime time” was wrong).
  • Gov’t Center (VIP Service) – The text about the special service for VIPs has been updated to better explain the advantages of VIP status. Rations need to be picked up daily, but for VIPs they get stored (up to 30 items) in case of an absence, and can be collected in bulk at a later date.
  • Help Page (Typo) – A word has been corrected on the¬†help page.