Update Changelog 2018-Oct-31

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

Recently, the team has been working a lot on infrastructure and upcoming features which will be released later on. But for now, what you can see is a new mission and the content of additional cycle 200 update last Wednesday. It also contained a new mission with a special reward and a gift for cycle 200 citizens. Read on to see all (visible) update details of this week, but also learn more about the big features that are in development right now.

2 New Missions in Barnard’s Star system

  • ‘Hero’s Journey’ (level 12) on Estación de Amazon, no preconditions.
  • ‘A Difficult Anniversary’ (level 12) is part of the additional Cycle 200 update (see below). Now we reveal it: it starts on Maid of Orleans, no preconditions.

Text Changes

  • Mission “Shrine of Remains” (Typo) – The person “Susanne” is now mentioned with her correct name when talking to NPC  Jacques Dubois.

Supplementary release for Cycle 200

It happened last week on Thursday, so one day after the regular weekly game update: reaching cycle 200 unlocked a surprise update.

  • Gift (cycle 200 citizens) – In order to celebrate 200 cycles of survival, the administration sent a special gift to all citizens who have been active the week prior to cycle 200: a 4 Days VIP pack!
  • New Mission (for everyone) – ‘A Difficult Anniversary’ (level 12) on Maid of Orleans in the Barnard’s Star System. Start your special item collection as this mission holds a special gift for you at the end (see below). The mission’s availability is not time-limited, it is here stay and will also be available for all citizens joining Tau Station after Cycle 200.
A round metal coin, a golden frame and black surface. On top a golden text "celebrate 200" and a big golden "200" is shown in the middle. At the bottom A golden banner on the left side states "Unity", followed by a blue banner with "Togetherness".
Start your collection with the first mission pin.

In Development: Next Major Steps

Much of the past 7 day was working on infrastructure, internal tasks and  preparing several new features, which might also be the case for next week, because on top it’s holidays and sickness time. But still, we made good progress and always have something in stock for you! So let’s have a look together at the next three major pulse points; new missions, detail improvements and fixes will be included on top as usual. Bigger content updates might come step by step as usual to reduce the waiting time for you.


Next month, you can expect the first part of Avatars. As your upcoming alter ego will be shown in various places, several UIs need to be touched, but the first part should be ready in November.

Syndicate Campaigns (PvE)

Afterwards, the next big feature will be the Syndicate Campaigns. Your team can take complex coop-challenges against non-player opponents. When completed in time, your team will loot special items, including advanced weapons and armor that can’t be acquired any other way. You might even get blueprints that are needed for the next feature (see below). So clean your weapons and make sure your gear is ready!

Syndicate buildings

Another bigger content update, the team has been working on, is Syndicate buildings. In September, we shared a first UI draft with you in a special blog post about the future plans for Syndicates. In a nut shell: you will be able to acquire special single use “blueprints” which allow your team to construct buildings.