Update Changelog 2018-Oct-24

Tau Station update changelog

In this week’s update, a batch of improvements for the Combat has been implemented; thanks for your reports! With “Enemy of the Gate” and “The White Lady”, two new missions are available in the Barnard’s Star system. On top to that, we introduce the brand new feature based on a Community suggestion: Station News. Read on to see all details about today’s version update.

Quite soon after the new version’s deployment, all citizens that have been active recently will get a surprise; check out our Social Media channels (Facebook or Twitter) if you want a hint.

New Feature: Station News

Based on a Community suggestion “crime chronicles”, we are happy to present you with the Station News feature.

  • You’ll find the news on Government Center page for a number of different stats.
  • The news archive will show the most recent 10 days.
  • So far, you are informed about the top 3 of…
    • Most dangerous stations for citizens (combat)
    • Course Enrollments
    • Market stall purchases
    • Gym usage
    • Total station arrivals from private ships and shuttles
  •  More coming soon!


We put a focus on combat improvements for this week.

  • Attacking (parallel retaliate) – Attacking someone who just started a fight against you could lead to an unwanted situation in which you were fighting against yourself. You cannot engage in combat against someone who is attacking you already. The first duel must be finished first.
  • Attacking (while defending) – You cannot start combat anymore when you are already involved in a fight as a defender, even if it is a different opponent. The other combat must be finished first.
  • End Phase (changed) – The concluding options to either loot or leave are now a part of combat. We do not consider combat ended when the winner gets the options, but only after the choice is made or the timer has expired.
  • End Phase (time) – The end phase now has a limit of ~35 units (30 seconds).
  • End Phase (areas) – Attacker and defender cannot change areas anymore when combat is in its end phase (selection loot, leave, or timeout).
  • Fleeing (inadequate areas) – You cannot auto-flee to the Brig, Security and Sick Bay anymore to avoid confusion which is especially the case when you flee to the Brig. This prevents the impression that you are injured or got imprisoned, but also a situation when you would get imprisoned by the Security.
  • Fleeing (upcoming areas) – You cannot auto-flee to unimplemented areas anymore (e.g. Syndicate Vendors at the Market).
  • Looting (Sick Bay) – Looting is now working as intended also on stations that don’t have Sick Bay.
  • Profiles (attack option) – The “attack” option on the detail pages of other characters you look at, is presented only when that character can be attacked. Thus, if you want to attack, the option is not shown if also you got attacked right now and are in a fight as a defender (see above).

2 New Missions & Changes in Missions

  • New Mission “Enemy of the Gate” (level 12) at Barnard’s Star Jump Gate which is part of the system Barnard’s Star. The mission “Keeping the Peace” is a precondition for this new one.
  • New Mission “The White Lady” (level 11) at Hopkin’s Legacy, part of the Barnard’s Star system. 5 other missions need to be passed before; which ones are they? Find out! 🙂
  • Speech (“Namesake”) – When speaking to Viktor Dren in the Ruins of Ghost of Mali (Alpha Centauri system), your statement is now shown in a speech bubble as it should be.
  • Text (“Education”) – Removed a misleading “not” in mission option text.
  • Text (“The Beast of Bordeaux”) – NPC Aurelija won’t mention a medbay anymore as there is none on Bordeaux station (Alpha Centauri system).
  • Text (“The Lion’s Den”) – A missing word has been added to this mission on Hopkin’s Legacy (Barnard’s Star).
  • Text (“To the last  Drop”) – NPC Kagiso now mentions the correct station “Spirit of Botswana”, NPC Nang now uses a gerund in a statement (grammar), the name of NPC Kagiso was misspelled in one part.

Format & Text Changes

Thanks once again for the reports from the community, sometimes you really have eagle eyes. Here are this week’s textual changes.

  • Forums (styles) – An improved layout now better indicates aspects like  links.
  • Archive (Estación de Amazon) – The system’s name of this station is now always written the right way: Barnard’s Star.
  • Area Descriptions (Estación de Amazon) – Based on the forum summary, several area descriptions of the station have been addressed. Thanks!
  • Area Descriptions (Hopkin’s Legacy) – 2 minor glitches have been resolved at the Brig and Decommissioned Area.
  • Item (Disturbance C11) – A “disturbing” tiny typo in the description text has been corrected.
  • Item (Medium Riot Gear) –  Fixed a typo in description (“trend” is now “tend” as intended and not intrended ^^).
  • NPCs (Barnard’s Star Jump Gate) – The description texts of Milana Krashev at the Brig and of Sander Torsfeld at the Port have consistent name references now.
  • NPCs (Hopkin’s Legacy) – A word has been corrected for Hugh at the Bar.
  • NPCs (Maid of Orleans) – Several typos have been fixed in NPC description texts on this station, following your helpful forum summary.
  • Side Jobs (Hopkin’s Legacy) – 4 of your findings reported on the forums have been corrected, e.g. Holly is not “Holy” anymore, but still a nice person 🙂