Update Changelog 2018-Oct-03

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

After last week’s release of Barnard’s Star, this week was mostly about smoothing the gameplay for that system. Many players are quite happy about it, but a couple of oversights were addressed. In particular, we released a hotfix for a Bank on Caen Stronghold, a Freebooter station, and a Gaule Protectorate embassy on the Barnard’s Star Jump gate.  We also had an issue with many names in the “Areas” sidebar showing custom names and many players found this confusing, so we reverted back to standard names.

Thus, this changelog includes information about already seen changes from the hotfix along with new changes.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • All discreet work has been reset to properly pick up the standard area names from the sidebar and not the “custom” per station name. This makes it easier for citizens to find out where they should go for completing these dodgy tasks.
  • Rations can now be sold to vendors for money. Previously selling rations to a vendor would not get you any credits. Now it will.
  • Both vendors on Caen Stronghold now sell tier 1 through tier 5 rations. They’re not cheap, but Freebooters aren’t known for their generosity.
  • Banking fees are higher on Freebooter stations.
  • Fixed a bug where mobile users sometimes could not travel between star systems.
  • Public shuttles from Freebooter stations have been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where UTF-8 characters were sometimes double-encoded in the market.

Text Changes

  • The “withdrawal” text in the bank has been updated to make it clear that the fee is “per affiliation” and not a set price.
  • Sidebar areas now list the default names, not the custom names.