Update Changelog 2018-Nov-30

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

We conclude November with another update for you. Several UIs now use avatars, such as combat, internal syndicate lists and public profiles benefit from a new layout as well! The the information panel contains a useful comfort feature: credit logs help you checking recent balance changes. The narrative team created a new mission for level 14+citizens and the CORETECHS has been cleaned up which leads again to a more compact view. Read on to see all changes and improvements of today’s new version.

1 New Mission & Mission Changes

  • New Mission ‘Riches to Rag-Tag’ (level 14) on Caen Stronghold which is part of the Barnard’s Star system; with no further preconditions.
  • ‘Honor among Thieves’ (reputation) – The mission on Maid of Orleans gives more reputation for one of the possible endings now to ensure you come out with a net reputation gain for all mission constellations.

Avatar UI updates

After the implementation of avatars 2 weeks ago, further UIs now show avatars.

  • Profile Pages – Looking at other citizens or NPCs now has an updated profile design, including the avatar. Please note that NPCs have placeholders at the moment.
  • Combat – The combat UI now also shows how you and your enemy looks.
  • Syndicates – The internal member list and the application section is exposing the according citizen avatars.

New Credit logs

Two short credit logs have been added for quick checks. So if you’re unsure whether you got paid by a task or you want to know if some credits were transferred to the bank or made it into your wallet, you can quickly see the information needed with this new comfort feature.

  • A credit log is available for each, your bank and wallet credits.
  • Open it by clicking the abbreviated credit balance in your character information panel.
  • Each log lists the total amount of credits without abbreviation, and the 5 recent changes (if not older than 10 days) with according credit change, reason and time stamp.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • CORETECHS (Sections) – The list has been cleaned up. Shop and email have been removed as they can be accessed via icons. Rules have been removed to, they can be accessed at the bottom now, next to Acknowledgements.
  • Career (Illegality) – The Trader career task ‘run the store for a day’ is no longer illegal.
  • Combat (Timer) – The duplicated countdown timer for guards arrival has been removed.
  • People Tab (Visibility) – Everyone is now “visible” in the people tab of an area for 10 days instead of 1, unless you’re in the Sick Bay.
  • Stims (Tiers) – You can no longer take stims of a higher tier than your own; thanks for bringing this topic up!
  • Toxins (Status) – The display is now part of the stat bars area, because it makes more sense and it is saving another line in the information panel.
  • NPC Genotypes (Yards of Gadani) – The majority of the NPCs have been switched from Baseline to Belters to better reflect the low-g situation on this station. Thanks for spotting this detail, MrRicebean!

Text Changes

  • Area Descriptions (Ruins) – Narrative descriptions for the new sub-areas of the Ruins (see changelog of Nov-07)  have been added to all stations that didn’t get it last week: Spirit of Botswana, Ghost of Mali, Cirque Centauri, Moissan station, AC Jump Gate, Paris Spatiale, Yards of Gadani.
  • Mission ‘A Difficult Anniversary’ (word) – Here was an ‘here’ too much.
  • Mission ‘A Minor Offense’ (char & word) – A scene in the Shipping Bay got extended by 3 characters: a missing ‘n’ and ‘he’ are happy to be back in the mission text as intended. 🙂
  • Mission ‘Hero’s Journey’ (various) – Your forum summary of typos has been processed.
  • Mission ‘Honor Among Thieves’ (various) – Your tickets, plus a few details the team spotted, have been corrected.
  • Mission ‘Journey’s End’ (various) – Another forum summary by a citizen who’s like a shadow after new missions has been processed. One tiny character made a big difference: We made NPC Annika come back to the Bar from sailing as she is finally wearing an ‘earring’ again (missing ‘r’ added).
  • Mission ‘Ladybug and the Tramp’ (various) – Thanks for the forum summaries of your findings, Shadow and Dotsent, everything handled.
  • Mission ‘Stealing from Ghosts’ (word) – A missing word has been added to a Bar scene.
  • Mission ‘Stormbringer’ (various) – We took care of the forum reports with a few smaller typos. Thanks!