Update Changelog 2018-Nov-22

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The new game version contains several important changes, improving the career system. Another 2 new missions are available in Barnard’s Star system. The avatar UI has been touched up too, including better image display. Besides a lot of detail changes based on your reports, the area tutorials of the new sub-areas in the ruins will now respect your personal settings and remain minimized if you closed the help screen. Read on to see all details of the new update.

2 New Missions in Barnard’s Star system

  • ‘Honor Among Thieves’ (level 13) on The Maid of Orléans; no further preconditions.
  • ‘Ladybug and the Tramp’ (level 13) on Caen Stronghold, no further preconditions.

Important Changes on Career System

As mentioned earlier on chat, forums, and our social media channels, the Career system has been improved to serve Community requests and to resolve an unintended delay after demotions.

  • Experience – The career experience percentage is now displayed on your character page to better indicate the progress you make for the next rank.
  • Difficulty – The career task difficulty is now shown to citizens of all levels, not only to beginners anymore.
  • Days in Rank – In case you get demoted, ‘days in rank’ is no longer reset to zero, but showing the total duration of the current career path in this rank.
  • Demotions – A major change now avoids an unintended punishment. There is a minimum period you need to stay in a career rank before you can be promoted again. This will apply only once; so, if you get demoted by failing tasks, you just need to catch-up on lost XP to immediately level back up again.

Refinements on Avatars

  • Default Avatar – The default picture has been added to the selection of all avatars while the former link to switch back to default has been removed.
  • Picture Updates – Some images got updated to improve their appearance.
  • Selection – A purchase confirmation for lower level citizens is in place now.
  • Selection Button – For premium avatars, the button shows the bonds needed.
  • Selection UI – The avatar carousel has been enlarged, showing bigger pictures in 2 rows. Controls moved to the side and pagination to the bottom.

Game Improvements & Changes

  • Area Tutorials (Ruins) – Area tutorial preferences now work as expected for The Wilds and The Wrecks, remembering to keep a help text minimized if you selected this option.
  • Mission ‘Enemy of the Gate’ (Goal) – An additional goal has been added to avoid irritations and better guide you through various areas you need to visit.

Text Changes

  • Area Descriptions (Barnard’s Star system+) – Narrative descriptions for the new sub-areas of the Ruins (see changelog of Nov-07)  have been added to all stations of the Barnard’s Star system and for Bordeaux Station.
  • Area Descriptions (Estación de Amazon) – Another helpful forum from last week summary has been processed; changes are in place, typos being resolved.
  • Item (Juliette A Menti) – Item description slightly changed due to forum statements.
  • Mission ‘Education’ (various) – The team worked through the forum summary; thanks.
  • Mission ‘Fair Game’ (various) – The team processed the forum post by quasidart, fixing some typos, but also adding speech bubbles as originally intended.
  • Mission ‘Hero’s Journey’ (various) – Another eagle eye forum summary; everything has been sorted.
  • Mission ‘In the Crossfire’ (various) – Two forum summaries by Shadow and Groat turned into 8 small text changes and corrections in this big mission.
  • Mission ‘Journey’s End’ – As we do not know ‘years’, a text passage changed to ‘cycles’.
  • Mission ‘Stormbringer’ – The first part after a decision was referring to the other option. This text glitch has been sorted, and a wrong word had to “leave” the “leaf” alone. 🙂
  • Mission ‘The Lion’s Den’ – A statement of ‘Haami’ is now a speech bubble as intended.
  • Mission ‘The White Lady’ (various) – A summary of smaller text findings shared on the forums has been processed, thanks!
  • Mission ‘On the Outside’ – Entering chambers is like entering a “time capsule”; typo fixed.
  • NPCs (Estación de Amazon) – 3 detail improvements on the character descriptions of Annika Sabia, Juan Alba and Atilio Genoveva were made.
  • Side Job (Daedalus) – A word in ‘Food Inspector’ has been corrected.