Update Changelog 2018-Nov-07

Tau Station MMORPG narrative game update changelog header

The former Ruins area got split up into more sub-areas to better deal with the recent new features and to be prepared for upcoming features at the same time. The Ruins now consist of ‘The Wrecks’, ‘Syndicate Districts’ and ‘The Wilds’. Furthermore, 2 new missions have been (officially) added, and several improvements and fixes made to the game, thanks to your reports!

2 New Missions in Barnard’s Star system

  • ‘A Minor Offense’ (level 12) on The Maid of Orléans; no further preconditions.
  • ‘Journey’s End’ (level 13) on Estación de Amazon, the precondition is ‘Hero’s Journey’ mission. The mission snuck into the game last week, but now it’s officially in 🙂

New Areas

As new features have extended the former Ruins area, and as there are more features to come, we added sub-areas, similar to the Inn or Market. Please note, the area tutorials will reflect the new sub-area situation with next week’s update. The main Ruins area now consists of 3 sub-areas:

  • ‘The Wrecks’ – Brave citizens that are not afraid to face challenges 1:1, scavenge items and look for trouble by fighting brigands over here. In some stations, you can also enter the sewers.
  • ‘Syndicate Districts’ – This area will be opened for upcoming Syndicate features (a bit) later, such as buildings.
  • ‘The Wilds’ – This location will also be extended later, and it contains your (insecure) Syndicate’s storage so far, and it will be the home for the upcoming syndicate campaigns!

Mission Changes

  • ‘Hero’s Journey’ (Reward) – The amount of credits has been increased to 3000 better cover the costs for trips needed in this mission.
  • ‘Hero’s Journey’ (Repetition) – One part of a dialogue was repeated. This has been resolved by removing the digital parrot *hehe*.
  • ‘In the Crossfire’ (Repetition) –  The repetition of a text passage has been removed when talking to Emmeline at the Security. Thanks for spotting!
  • ‘The White Lady’ (Stuck) – A situation at Hopkin’s Legacy Market has been resolved by adding a missing goal that disappeared somehow. Now you are able to continue again when talking to Simone.

Text Changes

  • Item (Spidersilk robes) – A missing “n” has been added to the description text, so that the updated text is “known” as a flawless one now.
  • Mission ‘Hero’s Journey’ (Typos) – All forum reports have been processed, thanks!
  • Mission ‘Keeping the Peace’ (Typos) – The forum report with 4 detail findings has been taken care of.
  • NPC (Genotype) – The NPC description of Dorian at Barnard’s Star Jump Gate has been corrected from baseline to belter.